Question for the Pokémon Colosseum, XD and Mortal Kombat Armaggedon and Deadkly Alliance Requests

Last updated on 2 months ago
what exactly do you expect to be shown on the longplay?

in the pokemon games, do you need catchin all pokemon, purification too?
would you accept just normal completion without post game?
would you accept masterball and x item exploits, which are very light, but could be considered cheating if you want to deal with catching luck and slower fights?
the colosseums would need huge grind so they're not feasible

for the deadly alliance and armaggedon MK games, are you into watching all chracters beating the game, just 1? do you want all perfects and fatality in most rounds? do you want to watch konquest mode?
For the most part beat the game as normal, if grinding is required to help complete the game then you can edit that stuff out if you want to
100% completion is not necessary, but if there are side quests then those will be needed to be shown
If there are unique cutscenes tied to 100% completion then those should be included as well, however you are not required to show all progress if it takes a lot to grind for 100% completion, just show the unique interactions if there are any tied to completion
post game really depends on what there is to show if it needs to be in the longplay or not
no exploits please, the only time an exploit would be acceptable is to show off something you normally can't do (like catch mew in pokemon red and blue using a glitch)
catching all pokemon is not required unless there is content unlocked for doing so, but you may skip grinding for catching all pokemon
If necessary you can grind to level up off screen and use cheats to make that go by quicker, but don't make it obvious and try not to be too overpowered by doing so

Pretty much for every fighting game we want every arcade ending to be shown for every character possible, if there is a movie viewer or something in game to show these then that is fine but if you are required to unlock them by beating every character's arcade game then that is recommended.
MK deadly alliance konquest mode looks like you can do training and 1 character, unless there are specific cutscenes for characters that can't be shown otherwise
for Deadly Alliance Konquest mode needs to be shown as it is basically a story mode for the game
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