AVISynth Error

Last updated on 14 years ago
Hi all,
I'm running into the following since yesterday:
Apparently, FRAPS automatically splits the recorded movie into 4GB chunks (although my hard drive is NTFS) and I can't find an option to disable that anywhere.

So I've been recording this game for some time and the AVISynth script was working perfectly until now.

It contained something like this:

But then I reached 30 movie chunks and playback became erratic. It would stop playing at random.

I've recorded 2 more chunks, and now the AVS file won't play at all!

The following error occurs twice (one for video and one for audio) :

"DirectShowSource: couldn't open file xxx(32).avi: No combination of filters could be found to render the stream."

Any idea? Any workaround?
Thanks in advance...
I would recomend coming to the irc, and asking ScHlAuChi, he is a wizard! :-D
Why you dont try edit your work with Virtualdub? You could use it for making one big movie of your 32 movies. It also would help you to solve your problem.
Thanks for your suggestions. I will try both tonight ;-)
I don't quite understand, as I'm new to irc.
I don't find it particularly user friendly for newbies, by the way. This is definitely a tool for geeks, like many early Internet services.

Two options :
1) the web client
Needs no configuration, but has no menus, no help, no hints. Basically it's a command line. You need to know irc commands. I don't know how to use it. Maybe it's too obvious and I'm dumb?

2) standalone irc clients
In standalone clients, you need to give 3 things : the network, the server and the channel.
We need to use irc.projectmage.com, channel #longplays. That is a server and a channel, if I'm not mistaken, so what's the network, then?

Maybe it would be useful to create a (very small) tutorial on the chat?

While I'm at it, I found the /upload.php page totally by chance (the "upload folder deleted" topic in the forum). Is there an obvious way to reach it that I missed?

Shouldn't those two pages be listed in the "Tutorials" dropdown next to the main menu?
Play long and prosper!
irc.abime.net; #longplays
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