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Last updated on 12 years ago
List UP-dated ;-)
Ever plan about doing a LP for "Star Wars: Dark Forces" for the PC?
Yes, JonL have you ever considered doing any of the Star Wars games? :-P
The problem with Dark Forces is that there is no "straff" key (no way to move left or right, you can only turn, then move). And as far as I know, there is no way to customize keyboard and mouse. THAT is a real pain for me.
That's the main reason I haven't played that game in a veeeery long time.
I am not aware of any source port that would allow control customization. Any source port at all, actually.

Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight 2 were reasonably fun, but there are several games I'd rather longplay first. Maybe later. I'm adding them to the list. ;-)
Cool, but yeah now that you mention it Dark forces is a problematic game isn't it. Haven't played any of them i a loong time though, so it's a little hazy for me :-p
I bought Dark Forces on Steam a couple of months ago and strafe is working perfectly there.
Default is A and D för strafing and i use the mouse to turn the character. :)
You said "Default is A and D". Do you mean you can actually change the keyboard keys?
Hmm, i did some googling and found nothing...
And as i recall from when i played it 14 years ago there was no option for changing keys.

Too bad, its a classic and one of my favorite games of all time.
I hope you will be able to strafe and upload a longplay of it. :)
I've enjoyed all of your longplays so far.
Thanks ^^
Alright, I'll keep it in my list.
JonL, as you are going to record "Severance", "Rune" and "Heretic 2", will you maybe consider recording "Die by the Sword" (+"Limb from Limb") and "Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade" after these?

There really aren't any decent playthroughs of these games anywhere in the Web.
Well, never played those games, so I don't think I'll be recording them, sorry. ;-)
Severance is coming along nicely though. Still lots of work needed on this little bastard. 12 maps done, 5 more to go.
Glad to hear about your Severance progress (especially as there aren't decent video longplays for this game as well). :-) What character are you playing with?

As for DbtS, it has a VERY nice and unusual fighting system (and the graphics don't look that bad with Xtended mod). So, if you have a thing for slashers (such as "Rune" or "Severance") - it's well worth checking out. :-)
I'm using Tukaram the Barbarian. It would have been easier with the Amazon, but I couldn't resist slashing minotaurs to pieces with a blade that is taller than the character himself! ^^

And I'll probably record Rune after that. It'll feel like holidays after this. :-D
Just a side note for anyone interested:

I'm keeping a higher quality version of each of my longplays. Each one of these videos is roughly twice as big as the one on this website.

So if anyone is interested in these versions, I can upload them temporarily somewhere for you to download. ;-)
Half-Life 2 complete. It's longer than I remembered (more than 9 hours).

I'll start working on Episode 1 and 2 as soon as possible. I have almost no memory of those except this throbbing levitating ball that looked very cool. ^^
can't wait to see QUAKE 1

long time not seen / played this game! And as a kid i was tooo weak to beat it without cheats .__.

when will it be recorded???
As soon as I publish a Quake lp, everybody will want to see Mission packs 1 and 2 as well as Quake 2.
So let's say I need to be in a mood with a lot of motivation to start that lp collection.
Right now, I'm not. I'd rather do some standalone games that don't bring their whole family along. ;-)
Play long and prosper!
List updated.
Play long and prosper!
>Heretic 2 (CD music does not loop! any idea anyone?)

Well, I assume the game uses CDA music and plays exactly one track per level, right?
Then you can do the following:
1) Rip the music from the game to wav-format.
2) Start the currently recording level, remember music playing on it, then - turn the ingame music off.
3) Open this exact track in your favourite player and loop the track in the player.
4) Record playthrough of the level with the player playing as background process.
5) Do 1)-4) for the next level.

It's not THAT elegant solution but it just might work.
Thanks, I was aware of that solution.
But i'm not ready to go through that chore... yet!
I'd rather find a real fix. :/
Play long and prosper!
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