Redoing "bad" longplays

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1st post...

I just downloaded the LP of Ninja Gaiden on the NES and I thought it was a pretty poor run. The creator's play is very sloppy and is quite obviously abusing save states/rerecords. The end result was a completion of the game with all cutscenes, etc, but a very boring video to watch.

I have beaten this game probably 50 times on my NES console and pretty much have it mastered. If I were to create a better, more polished LP, would it have any chance of being published? I'm not posting this here to rip on the guy. I'm just wondering if my LP of the same game has a chance of being published.
Ninja Gaiden for NES is a really hard game. So if you can do a better job than the previous one, then i at least think you should go ahead and record it ^_^
Encoding now, will try to upload tomorrow.
Thats fast ^_^
yeah indeed, lol :D
Wow, that was quick..
I like this guy allready:-)

I hope you become a valuable member of the community dude.
Good work fella:clap
The video is all set but the file is huge. 207 MB for a 40 minute video seems a little to big. Good quality though. Should I upload it?
Yes you should.
Im sure there are ways to make the file smaller but RickyC and Geekmeister know much more about that stuff then me.

But yeah dude, upload away. Or if you wanna shrink the file size a bit then ask one of the mods. They will hook you up.
Just upload it, that's not big, some videos here are bigger than 10GB!
Sic Parvis Magna
Uploading now. Should be done in +/- 1 hour. Glad I could make a small contribution to the community.
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