Kitty's planned runs

Last updated on 14 years ago
Here are some of the games I'd like to do a run for

God of War 1-3
Rachet and Clank Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time
Uncharted 2
Shadow of the Colossus
Devil May Cry 1 and 3

I was thinking of doing shadow of the colossus first and will start recording tomorrow unless someone would rather see another game first.

P.S I just looked at the upload page, it looks kinda tricky, any help/support would be helpful :)
Alright!!!! Shadow of the Colossus is awesome and I really look forward to that longplay! :great
Good games, very good choise!)

[size=xx-small]But I don't know nothing about Rachet and Clank. o_O[/size]
SOTC is cool, haven't played it in years (they need to put that on PSN with improved textures and a smoother framerate)

Am looking forward to both DMC3 as I never got far in it and GoW3 as I don't have yet own a ps3
Thanks for the suport guys. Just one question, do we edit all the parts together in one file or dose somebody on the website do it? and if not, how do we decide how long each part should be?
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