Gta San Andreas Long play, sorry i am new

Last updated on 14 years ago
Hey Guys,

I made a long play to GTA San Andreas

Now my question
must be the video file to a complete piece, or can I also split it?

And where do I download the video then high?
OK, tnx Balor.)
Its on the FTP Server and Geekmeister will it check
Thanks Balor!D But.. I don't see direct link..:)
Congratulations on your first longplay ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
its finished

have fun

The longplay upload will finished in 3 days

I inform you
//Balor why not use torrent? I could support the seeding;)
this is an LP i have long awaited for =)
I load the file (~ 10 Gb) on the ftp server up

but with a speed of 15 kb / s
which means that it will still take some time until the entire file is there
I give notice when it is completely
//Balor look forward:) here is the information you need :-D
Okay, thank you
as I said at the weekend will be the parts ready
where do I load it up for then?
Have no link found
Ok, 3.5 hour parts sounds ok, you can upload them like that, and then I'll try and mux them together in longer parts, and see if it desyncs or not, if not then, I'll reduce the number of download files. keep in mind that it will take me some time to look through the videos, as it is a rather long game.
my problem is that I do not render videos over 4 GB can
So I have the video, about 18-20 hours long, divided in 3.5 hours Parts

However, not all parts are completed, they are probably on the weekend finished
Well, we only split really large videos, depending on the length we split them for youtube, but we like to have as few parts as possible for the download versions. But come to the irc, and we can probably help you there.
Hi, Man!
What is the size of your file?
Looking forward to this video:)
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