What is the longest game ?

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What is the longest game on longplay ?


What is the longest game Ever ? "game that have ending"
The Longest game that has been recorded here is Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition, the longest ever I'm not sure, could be Fallotu 3 GOTY
Good question. Some guy told that one of Final Fantasy games is longest game ever,but I believe it just took long time to beat from that guy
Sure Fallout 3 is long (it is sandbox), but IMO the longest game has to be Persona 3 (FES and Portable) and Persona 4 100%. On my Persona 3 Portable file, I have almost 130 hours.

This includes: ALL Social Links maxed (yes, it is possible to do it in one round and from a clean save), all Social stats maxed, all Personas fused (Orpheus Telos included), everyone's ultimate weapon, best armor and shoes for everyone, everyone level 99, all requests completed (even the Ultimate Opponent), almost all weapons, and all of Vision Quest completed (Vision Quest has souped up Arcana Shadow fights and 5 "challenges". After that, you fight can fight an optional boss), and fusing "the ultimate Persona". (like a Messiah with all Severe elemental skills or a Succubus with every status inflicting attack, despite not being useful. =P).

Persona 4 falls in the same category, except the ultimate weapons are available on a New Game+, but still can lead to a 100 hour playthrough.
It has to be fallout for a minute i thought Shenmue was the longest but whatever!
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Where would Metal gear Peace Walker fall into this list, with all its side missions and whatnot
Demon souls imo .... Game never really ends cuz you get new game plus and it keeps going and going :X
None of you are close. Gauntlet 2 for NES is the longest game ever made. It never ends until you die, otherwise it keeps recycling levels over and over.

I have the game, when I was younger, I probably played up to room 150 before I finally shut it off.

I know you said game with an ending, but this is still the longest game out there. xD
Omg, 143 parts for Fallout 3!

Anyway Front Mission 3 must be one of the longest games ever. It has 2 paths, and each one supposedly takes 100+ hours.
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