Castlevania games Request

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I would like to ask for longplay of some Castlevania games :)


Castlevania Symphony of the Night - PlayStation

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow - GBA

Castlevania Circle of the Moon - GBA

Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - GBA

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow - Nintendo DS

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin - Nintendo DS

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - Nintendo DS


I know those are alot of requests but I just gave you this list if someone of you is interested. Those are perfect games and it will be a great pleasure to watch them played by some of the LP crew because you have the best quality of video and gaming skills :)

PS: I am sure that most of you are Castlevania Fans cuz I see that most of the great Castlevania games are already here :)
Y'mean I can't use DSS glitch to use other card combinations? D: Some bosses are a pain. -_- I dunno...I will probably use it sparingly.

The only games where 100% map completion will be a pain is Dawn of Sorrow, since I need Skeleton Ape (rare soul) or Bone Ark (also a rare soul) to get past one part without dying. =/ Then there is Circle of the Moon with its Arena. >____________> Harmony of Dissonance is another story... Portrait of Ruin shouldn't be too bad to get 1000%, since it doesn't require super rare crap to achieve.

Secret Chests for OoE won't be too bad (time to go to GameFAQs...). I still remember a few off the top of my head.
Y'know what...I think I will start OoE. I kinda like the game, even if it is hard. Plus it is short. Should take a day or 2 to complete.
I really appreciate it! I dont care about 100% souls, all cards all that is related to a % chance to drop. I only want the great video quality as the previous CV games here, 100% map coverage ofc :) , do not require hard mode or spec modes like Julius,Richter etc. I only want the original game modes and 100 % map coverage without glitches or abuses :) except for Galamoth :D Do not want all the glyphs from OoE but I would like all the secret chests :)

But again I really appreciate it if you do the effort to make those!

PS: Sorry for my bad English :)
-Get ready for the wall o' text-

I was actually thinking about doing the GBA Metroidvanias. I won't enjoy Harmony of Dissonance though (just like everyone else). Still won't stop me from trying to it. Dawn of Sorrow shouldn't take me too long, since I know my way around the game. Portrait of Ruin is just plain long, but is doable. Ecclesia is straightforward and also short. Symphony of the Night is also another easy one, since I know my way around the game.

If I do them, here are my limitations:
--SotN - both castles complete (including Galamoth. He is LOL) Will try not to abuse Shield Rod+Alucard Shield on bosses. Probably won't do Richter mode. I could do the DXC version of SotN or use my Dazzle to record the PSX version (though I sometimes beef with my Dazzle, especially when it comes down to Infinite Undiscovery.)
--CotM - Won't bother with Card grinding, since I can do DSS glitch to use other combinations (Manticore + Apollo rapes). Arena may be skipped. Vampirekiller mode.
--HoD - Will try to get best ending. Probably will play on Hard Mode.
--AoS - May have to grind for Flame Demon and Succubus. Probably won't do Julius Mode. Might do it on a clean Hard Mode (though playing from a New Game plus will save the me the hassle of soul grinding).
--DoS - Won't bother with 100% map since some souls are a pain to get, like Skeleton Ape (needed for one section). Probably won't do Julius Mode. Probably won't bother with playing the game on Hard Mode.
--PoR - Since there is a restriction of no cheat codes, I probably won't bother with the majority of Wind's Quests (the mastery ones are a pain). May or may not do Nest of Evil. Won't do Sisters or Richter mode. Will stay on Normal, since Hard Mode is a pain.
--OoE - won't bother getting Glyphs that spawn on drop, which is pretty much familiars (one needed for a quest) and the Vol Glyphs, like Vol Macir. Besides, Nitesco is all that is needed. Seriously. Since the quests require insanely rare drops, I will skip them (unless it is the easy ones, like recording the Banshee scream) Of course, all villagers will be saved, since I want that good ending. :3 Won't probably do Albus mode, and DEFINITELY not going to do Hard Mode (I had LOTS o' fun with Hard Mode Level 1 Albus.)
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