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Hello everybody, im new to this site and I cant wait to upload my first Longplay! Although being new to this site, im well a custom to recording playthroughs, having about 500+ Videos of Playthrough & Lets Plays on youtube.

Games I'm Currently Recording:
No idea.

Games Completed:
Crash: Mind over Mutant [360]
Back to the Future: The Game [PC]
-All 5 Episodes
Portal 2 (Single Player) [PC]
Little Big Planet: Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves [PS3]

Games I will do:
Banjo Kazooie (XBLA)
Little Big Planet Series
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attrative People

Games I May/Prob Will do:

If you would like to leave some advice or criticism feel free, always want to learn new tricks. :)
Hi Placlulu and welcome!
Klonoa?Thats new for me.But Im a noob,but I think it would be nice to see it..
Welcome to to the community, I think Klonoa LP is already in the progress of recording, Spazbo is doing it already :)
Sic Parvis Magna
Well that kinda sucks :(
I'll still probably record it tonight/tomorrow and upload it (can I if another person is doing/started it?) If not I guess the new time limit I could always upload myself..

As for other games, I suppose i don't really know what done/people are doing, I thought it odd I couldn't find any Klonoa LPs..
Well see with Spazbo for that Klonoa LP, and for other games see here on the forum other people's lists and you can make your own list so others will know what are you planning to do, that's what we all mostly do ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
Okay, back from a little break, wondering now if anybody is doing the Back to the Future Series (The new one by telltale). I cant see anything on anybody's list, and it is a new game (is there a rule against that?).
I don't know if I am of help...

There is no rule to doing recent games (I did Sonic Colors DS as soon as it came out...or rather the US ROM). It just won't be uploaded on YouTube in case of copyright strikes. =/ It will be uploaded in a few months or so. The head honcho(s), however, will upload it to the archive (as evident by the Sonic Colours Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns longplays in the archive and the recently YouTube uploaded Super Mario Galaxy 2 longplay. SMG2 added on this site August 8, 2010. Uploaded on YouTube somewhere in late November to December.)
Well i guess ill do that then, the only thing is 4/5 episodes aren't released.
I actually have the first episode recorded (did a few hours ago) just as a playthrough, so all i would need is to render it out in 1 file. and i guess wait till the next 4 epps come out before submitting? or can I upload Epp 1, then next month 2?
Now THAT'S an interesting question.
Sounds just like Final Fantasy IV: After Years and Sonic the Hedgehog 4. After Years is divided into sagas of sorts (each one is a separate download) and everyone already knows Sonic 4 is episodic.

I find uploading the episodes separately better.

Head honcho might say differently.
Well i would rather upload in Episodes also, and as for encoding, rendering etc, Can i just render a mkv file in Vegas? I see these tutorials to install like 7 programs and convert the movie like 4 times.. (i know im over-exaggerating)

And i can always reduce the file seize somehow if thats necessary?
You can upload episode one now, you don't have to wait till all are out, but it won't be published on youtube now, it's much too new, but it will be available for download here on the site ;)
Sic Parvis Magna


Can i just render a mkv file in Vegas?

I don't see an option for MKV in Vegas...well, the version I use. o_o;; I don't think Vegas is all that good.


And i can always reduce the file seize somehow if thats necessary?

But the file will be somewhat small though. If you need, I say go ahead, as long as the quality is decent. If you are using MeGUI, you can change the quality for the x264 scratchpad thing. I set the quality to 30, since 30 and the default 23 setting don't look any different. Higher number = better quality.

Tip: When you are ready to upload to the FTP (assuming you are using Filezilla), change the file...setting...thing to resume upload. (Transfer -> Default file exists action) Change the upload setting to "Resume". It will save a lot of headaches and continuous trying to upload the same file over and over (happened to me with Circle of the Moon).
Ravenlord: Shall do tonight/tomorrow
Tsunao: Your right about the MKV, kinda a blonde moment for me >>

Well if i render out in MP4 (which i use for youtube) it will be just under 3GB an episode, so ill do some experimentation, and read the Fraps topic I saw.

I'm sure like i have found with youtube, once I figure it once, I do it 1000 more times.

EDIT: Its uploading now, i kinda screwed up, i created a folder "Back to the Future" but they didn't go in there :S... Kinda feel like an idiot now :L

Also followed that Fraps guide, and made a nice little 1.5GB MKV File!

EDIT2: I have some ideas for some more LPs, listed them in the first post
Okay, well since BTTF Episode 2 isn't coming out for a while (knowing telltale usually release at the end of the month) So deciding what to do in the meantime.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

I already have worlds 1 & 2 recorded 100% all exits, all star coins, all that good stuff. And as for the Secret Exits, I have just sped the levels up (since it is a second time showing them) and slowed down when its different, same when i miss something.

I think I'll have World 1+2+3, Worlds 4+5+6, & Worlds 7+8+9, making 3 parts round 2hours each. The last video may be co-op, I don't know.
I know i said NSMBW would be coming next..
Not true. Anyway Crash Mind over Mutant will be uploaded tonight
Crash: Mind over Mutant is on the Site and P1 on Youtube.
Get Tannen (Back to the Future Episode 2) was released today, currently downloading it now, That should be up in a few days!
After doing New Super Mario Bros Wii and Banjo-Kazooie (XBLA), Can you do Banjo-Kazooie Nut & Bolts as well? I have BK: Nuts & Bolts but too tedious for me to play it all over again since some of the challenges are insanely difficult.

All you have to do is in Megui is to increase the numbers on the quality settings until it's small enough and make sure the quality of the video is still good.

If you need to edit your mkv and mkv is not supported in Vegas, you can use virtual-dub. Just download the mkv plug-in for virtual dub to edit your mkv file. It will be saved/rendered in avi format so you'll have to encode with megui again.

Or, alternative you can use Tmpgenc's new Video Mastering Works 5, a video editor/encoder/converter, supports all inputs and output in any file. Never used it but I heard it was really good.

I don't know about New Super Mario Bros Wii. My Capture card isn't liking the Wii right now, but 360/PS3 games are all good. I Just recorded Episode 2! If your in deperation, find it on my channel ( It's basically my second channel for all the TellTale Games.

-N&B.. I tried recording that for my main channel... It turned out a tad weird.. I may try again, as it is a game i would love to do. Maybe not 100% for a LongPlay, (that would take serious time) I'll Consider it, Expect alot of PC/PS3/360 Games for the time being.

Simpsons Game [360] 4/20 Levels Complete
Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People [1/5 Epps Done]
Back to the Future: The Game [2/5 Epps Done]

Remember, I play games for my main channel first, and then maybe upload here.

For All Back to the Future/All Longplays will be on this channel First.
This playlist is for all the Back to the Future Stuff.

IM having encoding issues. (ME BEING DERP) third time the charm aye?
anyway. yea depressed people, click that link..
Just remember, im one 16 year old Aussie school student, with a social life.. ;) I cant do everything at once D:
Back to the Future is *apparently* coming out in a few weeks. With the launch of Jurassic Park though idk. (no i have not brought Jurassic Park.. I will do it, but not immediately. maybe)

Since the fileserver is down right now, backed up I have:

Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves [PS3]
The Wonderful End of the World [PC]

Recorded & Encoded.

Little Big Planet (1)
The Simpsons Game
Final Fantasy 13

Currently recording. I would like to stress that FF13 isn't being reguraly recorded, and will take a while.

I was going to upload, Pokemon White, however that was just too long. Its on my main channel here:

and my 2nd Channel (FF13, TellTale Games, LBP etc) here:

Everything is organised in a Playlist, feel free to sub (I do upload different games, that arn't uploaded here :)
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