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I was just going through the site and noticed that the Dragon Warrior series wasn't done yet. Thought I would point that out. The Dragon Warrior series started on the NES and eventually on the Playstation, and then it was on the PS2. They changed the series name to Dragon Quest on the PS2. Just noticing this.
Im starting the longplay as we speak so :P
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Just play the game like you normally do.

When I did Chrono Trigger, I just played the darn game with little to no NPC interactions (except for those that involve sidequests). You can skip them if you want.

Showing grinding isn't mandatory. (and nobody wants to watch it.).
I could give Dragon Warrior 1 a shot. I love the Dragon Quest series and still own the original cart of DW1.

It's not like the game is hard, really. I've never done a Longplay before, so I'm not sure what that entails. Would I have to talk to every NPC, or what?
I did a ton of grinding in the Nu Forest. Plan to do more soon, here.

I have all three versions of Chrono Trigger, which probably proves how big a nerd I am. xD

I don't think I ever made it to the Green Dragon on Dragon Warrior.

I mostly just roamed around going nowhere special. xD

I had one of the Dragon Warrior Monsters games, also. I believe it was the first one, until it got boring.

The need for breeding stronger monsters shouldn't have been so mandatory. But unfortunately, it was.
I don't want to go off topic or whatever, but...

IMO, Chrono Trigger isn't a grindy game.
When I was doing Chrono Trigger DS on my personal channel, I went through the whole game without any grinding (save for the grind for the techs before getting Magic, Hunting Range Nu for Haste I think, and getting Ayla's Charm since I was heading to the Mountain of Woe. Again, dat Nu.)

Dino Tail is where it's at, but I opt for Triple Kick, especially with Prism Spectacles or anything like it.

I have a friend who has Dragon Warrior for the NES. I played it, but never beat it since I didn't know where to go (I was a kid and I didn't have a computer and probably never heard of GameFAQs). The only thing I remember about the game was getting raped by the Green Dragon and a Starwyvern (went to the area TOO early.)
Both moments weren't a pretty sight. LOL

Someone should do the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest games or maybe just one. Getting all of them on this site is one doozie of an accomplishment.

From the top of my head, all the English releases I can think of:
Dragon Warrior I - IV on NES
A compilation of I and II on GBC. I believe III was also on GBC
Dragon Quest IV DS
Dragon Quest V DS
Dragon Quest VI DS (it is getting there)
Dragon Warrior VII
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest IX

IIRC, V and VI have fan translations. Dunno if the others have fan translations. Too lazy to search.

Then we have spin-offs, like...
Dragon Quest Monsters (supposedly, Joker is grind-TASTIC! Then again, DQ is grindy)
Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime (better than it sounds)
I love RPGs where you have to grind. I mean, Chrono Trigger is the same way unless you're a die hard masochist. xD

I love grinding through the game. Especially to get Crono's Luminaire and Magus' Dark Matter. I usually keep Marle as Back Up in case we need healing, which we usually do. xD

I love Ayla's Dino Tail, too. But you have to leave her at Low hp to make it worth while, and then she could get knocked out. But the damage is very nice.

Nerd moment aside...I wish I had most of these games.

I used to have Dragon Warrior for NES, but somehow it up and came up missing...Now I gotta look for it! Although, I can always play it by Emulator. xD
According to the "reliable" Wikipedia (If I remember correctly), it was changed from Dragon Quest (its original name) to Dragon Warrior in the US because "Dragon Quest" was already taken. I think it was a board game or something. Dunno and don't care. It wasn't until VIII that Dragon Quest was used in the US (heck, my older bro has Dragon Warrior VII and Dragon Quest VIII). Another weird thing is that "Dragon Quest" is used in Europe, but they don't have the numbers on them.

Somewhat related:
Same with Tales of Eternia. In the US, it was released as Tales of Destiny II because "Eternia" was taken (and yes, the "II" is necessary). I think it was something about He-Man. What everyone who isn't a Tales person know is that there is an ACTUAL Tales of Destiny 2 (sequel to Tales of Destiny), and it is on the PS2. As with the majority of Tales game, it is Japan only.

Nerd moment aside, this site needz Dragon Quest. I COULD possibly do VIII, but DQ games are GRINDY! -_- (how I enjoy Monster Hunter, which is REALLY grindy, is a mystery.) Plus, the Dazzle isn't the best thing to record with. IX isn't that bad, but I sorta stopped playing it (on emulator) just because.
Actually, the games are all called Dragon Quest in Japan. For some stupid reason, perhaps to spare our "fragile American minds", the people here in the states changed the name to Dragon Warrior.

Now the games are getting their appropriate name, Dragon Quest.

But yes, we need Long Plays of the series.
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