Some LPs need to be redone, such as...

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Final Fantasy 9. It's not that it's a bad video, it's just that it starts out with about a 0.5 second time lag.

I think it just needed to be cut down into 1gig segments.

There are other videos that desync that I can't really name right now, cause I'm tired, and should be in bed. xD

If I remember any of them I'll be sure to put them down in this thread.
Oh, and I just thought of another one. Return to Castle Wolfenstein starts to Desync about half way through.
Are we talking about YouTube or the downloadable video file(s) here?
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Oh, the downloadable files.

I know for most people a .5 second Desync isn't a big deal, but it drives me crazy. xD
Is there actually something that can be done about the downloadable files?

I dunno. Maybe it was my Windows causing the Desync. However, I'm on Windows 7 64bit now, so maybe the desync issues will be over.

Hopefully, the problem will be gone.
I have downloaded part 3 of Return to Castle Wolfenstein (both max quality and 512KB mp4) and checked it to the end. I couldn't notice any desync at all.

Using VLC here.

My first longplays (Doom, Doom II, and so on) desync, and that's a known fact. I found out how to fix that later on.
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Hmm. I wonder why these runs desycn for me, then?

I also use VLC Player as my main video player.

I'm not sure, though, but I think maybe my faster RAM is helping some.

I watched the first few minutes of FF9, and I think there might still have been some desync, but it's a little harder to tell now.

But, really, a single video file that large and long is bound to have some Desync here and there unless it's cut down into smaller files.

Guess I'll see later on. :3
Maybe you could try to split a large video to see if it fixes your issue.
You can easily do that using MKVmerge GUI:

- Click Add and browse for the longplay you want to split
- Optional: Choose filename in Output filename
- Go to the Global tab.
- Select the Enable Splitting option.
- Select ...after this duration and type in a length, for instance 00:15:00 (hover mouse on field for more details)
- Click Start muxing
Play long and prosper!
Okie dokie. I'll try that if I have a desync issue again, or if the issue hasn't vanished.

But it'll have to wait til tomorrow. xD

Sleepy sleepy sleepy. :3
Well, that didn't work, either. In fact, when I split the file into 1gb files, the desync seemed to get even worse.
I also tried splitting it into 1 hour files. Forgot to mention that..
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