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Last updated on 13 years ago
Can't wait for the Okami LP! What kind of run are you going to do?
Well, there is a lot of things in that game so, i will try to do many of them such as:

- Collect all the 99 pearls
- Feed all the animals
- Collect many treasures as possible
- Complete many side quest as possible.

That's gonna take a long time, but i think it's worth it for such a great game like Okami.
Okami LP is done.

Time for God Of War III
Heavy Rain is finished,

It's time for Tales Of Vesperia,
omg awesome, Tales of Vesperia is really good. Thank you so much. I'll check back here often. Love your work, big fan.
Very anxiously waiting for Tales of Vesperia
Yeah i know :-)

Tales Of Vesperia is such a long game that i need time to record it.

Unfortunatly, i don't have so much time right now for a game like that and if you saw my others longplay (like Okami) you know that i'm extremly picky.

So, don't worry, after RDR, i'll start with TOV and i'll bring you an awsome Longplay :-D
Yeah take your time, just want you to know you have my support :)
Hehe, wasted no time to do RDR :D
Metal Gear! uhhggg
How about Undead Nightmare ? ;)
Yeah, i really want to focus on the main game right now.

After that, i will start another Longplay that i planned a few months ago.

So, maybe Later or another Longplayer will do it :-)
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