I may attempt a LP in the future.

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I might attempt to do Super Mario RPG. Because to be honest, the current LP is a little slow paced compared to a lot of the other LPs.

Only problem is I don't know how to record anything, and I don't have any type of recording software, or hardware for that matter.

I'm not exactly how recording a movie by emulator works, either unfortunately.

But like I said. I might do it, which also means I might not.
You can record SNES footage by using the SNES emulator Snes9x and its built-in AVI recorder.

I recommend getting the rerecording version from here.
Get version 1.52.

As for a recording codec, I say use ffdshow (I use it whenever I record, except when I am recording using Failzzle or using RemoteJoyLite for PSX and PSP gaemz,) For ffdshow's encoder thingy, I have it set for h.264 loseless.
Assuming you have ffdshow installed and is using XP or something:
Start -> All Programs -> ffdshow -> VFW configuration. Set Encoder to H.264 loseless.
To give an idea on how good this is (IMO): I have an hour long segment of Under The Knife 2, and the file is 1.17GB.

Also, before you record SNES game, be sure to change playback rate.
Assuming you are using SNES9x 1.52:
Sound -> Playback Rate -> 48000KHz

If you don't do this, there WILL be audio-video desync. It is LOADS of fun to sync audio to video. This is only on the SNES9x emulator.

When recording, you can either make a movie file (File -> Movie Record) or dump the AVI (File -> Start AVI Recording) while playing the game (I do the latter on pretty much everything).

When making a movie file, you can abuse all the savestates you want and not have to worry about editing out the mistakes (I used this on Circle of the Moon, Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow, and New Super Mario Bros.). However, when you are done, you have to play the movie and record ALL the way from the beginning to the end. (again, which is why I choose to dump AVI while playing).

When dumping the AVI, you have to put up with sound problems (the sound problem isn't recorded, so that's a good thing.) There may also be some slow down (for me, it isn't that bad). Don't worry: the video WILL be in full 60 FPS (even for DeSmuME.) However, you will have to edit out any savestate loading. My tip: save a savestate during a screen transition. Makes editing easier.

Though all this may seem like it applies to just the SNES emulator, it applies to all the other emulators as well (VisualBoyAdvance, Gens 11b, FCEUX, SNES9x, DeSmuME, PCEJin)
You can get these emulators from TASVideos. (it is also an awesome site.)

When you have your video file ready, use AviSynth (easier than it looks, really) and MeGUI to make the final file. Go here to know how to encode (it is simpler than it looks, really). Also, when editing out frames, I suggest using VirtualDub to find the frame numbers to edit and use AviSynth's trim script (again, easier than it sounds).

-Get Snes9x from TASVideos
-Set Sound to 48000KHz
-Get FFDShow (my favorite codec thingy to use for recording)
-Set Encoder to H.264 loseless
-Use either "Record Movie" (to abuse all the savestates you want without having to edit) or "Start AVI Recording" (if you don't mind editing out savestate use, sound problems, and some slowdown)
-Use a combination of AviSynth, [maybe] VirtualDub, and MeGUI to make video file.
-Upload to FTP
I may record the game in segments, since that seems like a more viable option, and will probably be easier for me.

Now, I usually like to speed things up with the fast forward feature. Would that show up on the video I recorded, or no?

I mean, I've played this game more than 50 times between the time I got it and now. And I got it when it first came out. So the cutscenes tend to bore the crap out of me. xD
Forgot about that too.
Whether you are dumping AVI or making Movie, frame skipping (aka speeding up) won't show one bit (I frame skipped when I was doing Darius Twin, even though the skipping wasn't all that fast). If you are using the Movie Dump, be careful. SNES9x's fast forward is super fast and you may end up sitting in one place when you are dumping the AVI. You can always edit it out. If you are dumping AVI, the frame skipping really isn't noticeable (though it does speed up, but only a little bit.)
Well that's good. I dislike sitting through cutscenes in most games. In this one especially, because you have to be there to make the text go by.

I won't do it during the AVI Dumping, though. Just during recording the movie while I'm playing.
If the Super Mario RPG LP works out for me if I do it, I may end up doing Secret of Evermore, too. And hell, maybe EarthBound after that.

Those are my three favorite games for SNES.
I have come to give some more..pointers?
If you are recording AVI, the audio playback when using 1.52 should be mute when recording. Apparently, I was confusing the audio distortion with 1.51. When I used 1.52, the audio was mute (but the clip I had of Brain Lord has messed up audio. >_>)

-edit while typing-
Apparently, I found out WHY the audio got messed up: I reset the emulator WHILE it was recording. No wonder. >_> I always do that on emulators when I start a game.

If you decide to use Avi dumping while playing, you can either use 1.51, which will have audio playing but will be messed up, or 1.52, which will have no volume. Still, the audio will be normal (unless you use 1.52 and reset the emulator while recording, like I did. >_> I was halfway done with Brain Lord, too.)
Well, I don't think I'll be doing any recording while playing. I prefer to hear what I'm playing, and I will probably make a ton of mistakes. xD

But I do have a question. When I do stop recording at a certain point into the run, can I pick up from where I left off on the same movie file, or do I have to start a new record?

I know I won't be able to do any of these games in one sitting if I do them.
Played around with the emulator before I gave an answer, and apparently, it is pretty much like DeSmuME (but DeSmuME's is easier: choose to record movie, load savestate, continue.).

To pick up from where you left off:
Snes9x 1.51 v7 svn147:
Load the ROM (duh. LOL), play the movie file that you made, disable Read-only mode (should say "Movie is now read+write") and simply load the savestate. It should say "Movie re-record" when you load your savestate. Heck, if you turn on frame display, it should say [record]

Snes9x 1.52-rr:
Load the ROM (duh. LOL) and choose to play the movie. On the "Play Movie" window, turn off "Open Read-only". From there, it is the same as 1.51: load a savestate and it should say "movie rerecord".

In short, you are just using the same movie file with the same savestates.
Okay, cool. That will simplify things. That takes care of my questions for the time being.

After I beat Super Mario RPG this time, I may start on a LP. Mind you, it may be a little longer than the current published one.

Although, I'm not currently sure how much of the game he showed off. I will have to scan through to check.
Errmm....came here for a little clarification due to bad wording...unless it is me.


If you are dumping AVI, the frame skipping really isn't noticeable (though it does speed up, but only a little bit.)

When you use Frameskipping when dumping the AVI, the recording won't show the skipping. It will still display everything at normal speed. You can use frameskipping to speed up the recording process (or speed up the emulator to make it go faster) when playing a movie file and then making the AVI file (what I was implying. ^^;).
Ohh, okay. That's cool, then. Means I can skip all the boring crap without any negative consequences. xD

I'm probably going to need to play Secret of Evermore once before I play that one. I literally haven't played it in probably 3-4 years.

Though, I never forget how to play a game. However, sometimes I need a refresher on where to go. xD
Hm...Unfortunately it seems like no matter what I try, I can't continue recording a movie with these emulators.

I have the emulator they use for TASing movies at TASVideos, which is SNES9x Improvement 9. I also tried an older version, 1.51.

It doesn't want to let me continue recording from a Savestate and leave the whole movie intact.

It looks like my LPs are dead before they started.
All the more reason why I just AVI dump while playing the game.
AVI dumping while using 1.51 will mess up the audio you hear, but the audio will be normal in the AVI file. Dumping in 1.52 means no audio while playing the game (but will be present in the AVI file.)

The good ones are 1.51 and 1.52.

As I mentioned earlier


Snes9x 1.51 v7 svn147:
Load the ROM...play the movie file that you made...disable Read-only mode (should say "Movie is now read+write")...load the savestate. It should say "Movie re-record" when you load your savestate...


Snes9x 1.52-rr:
Load the ROM...choose to play the movie...on the "Play Movie" window, turn off "Open Read-only"...load a savestate and it should say "movie rerecord".

To simplify:
-Load ROM
-Choose Play Movie
-1.51: turn off Read-Only mode (File -> Movie -> Read-Only Mode. Should be unchecked); for 1.52, at the window where you choose the movie, uncheck "Read-Only mode".
-Load a savestate.

If you have frame counter displayed, it should say "record" whenever you are recording your movie. (to turn on Frame Counter, go to Config -> Emulator - > Display -> Frame Counter for 1.51; Options -> HUD -> Frame Counter for 1.52.)
1.51 will display "blah-blah [record]", while 1.52 will display "Recording frame: blah-blah"

It is also the same as using DeSmuME's rerecording option. (load ROM, load movie, load savestate.)
Yep, it was my emulators. Both my 1.51 and Improvement 9 didn't have that option I could uncheck.

Well, I may give it a shot tomorrow, and hopefully everything will go well.

Thanks. :3
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