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I would like to put a section for the extras to games, image galleries, videos, editing characters, and other things.
thanks, greetings
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That sounds pretty neat.
Dunno if some of the people can do it, since it usually calls for 100% game, collecting them in obscured places, or just plain completing the game.

I can bring a few examples:
100%, obscured places: Sonic Colors (the DS version. Dunno about Wii). You have to get all of the Red Rings, and those aren't the funnest things to get.

Plain completing the game: Bayonetta, Atelier Iris 2 and 3 (Extras unlocked). dunno about Atelier Iris 1 (only beat the game once. >_>)

100%(?), completing the game: Okami. Stray Beads are either loleasy, like finding in a chest. to raeghard, which will be Devil Gates gauntlet and Blockhead friggin' Grande. Dunno if Stray Beads play a role in extras.

Dunno: Ape Escape 3: have to buy them (as well as other goodies). All that makes up some 15% of collecting.

But other than that, I say it is a good idea.
I always put extras at the end of my LPs, but this is not bad idea also :)
Sic Parvis Magna
I am very happy deskawa has done a good job with bonus video of Battle Arena Toshinden 4.
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