Too Human

Last updated on 12 years ago
Let me take the liberty to formally request a longplay of this game. :-)


First and the main one. There just aren't any "let's plays"/longplays/playthroughs of this game (in decent quality) ANYWHERE. There are a couple of complete LPs of this game in extremely low quality on Youtube - and that's it. Which is a real shame, considering level of art design in this game.

Second one. As far as I've heard, this game had very... unconventional controls (which was one of the main reasons it failed in reception from the gaming press and, therefore, in sales). Therefore, as I imagine, a whole lot of people would prefer to watch the longplay of this game, instead of trying to play it.

Third one. From what I've heard, it's (in overall) a quite decent Diablo-like (with DMC-like slasher combat mechanics) game. Yes, I KNOW, that it is *considered* being MAJOR FAILURE. Many MAJOR FAILURES are, in fact, really decent games, which just didn't quite live to the expectations linked to them. I don't think this one is so bad, that it even doesn't deserve a decent longplay. I just doesn't sound that way.

And fourth and the last one. This game was developed by the same people, who developed original "Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain" (in fact - my favorite game from the series) and "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem" (which is overall considered as one of the very best games on NGC).

I really hope someone will consider doing a longplay of this game. :-)

Best wishes,
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