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I could, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...
Commandah ScHlAuChi and Commandah JonL don't approve of the [d]Failzzle[/d] Dazzle. D:

I could try a few tests, but 9 times out of 10 I won't win unless I have the awesomeness that is the HD-PVR.

Plus, I probably won't meet the requirements (480p) if cropping is used since it won't be 480p (doesn't help that Failzzle puts out 480i. Could deinterlace, but it still won't be 480p...unless I am missing something. Plus, framerates. >_>)

Probably in the distant future when I SOMEHOW get a better capture device than a Failzzle.

Well, if it makes you happy, I did Arcana Heart. Did Saki's story mode (Saki is pretty much the only character I can play with.)
I probably won't give it to this site since Dazzles are forbidden. =(
I might hold on to the source video...Iunno.

Hope you enjoy.
It will have to do for now. I'd prefer a 1cc longplay, but I can understand you have more trouble achieving that than ScHlAuChi, even on a not extremely hard difficulty, but it's too late to change the outcome.
Okay, I properly recorded Arcana Heart this time (Read: using a PVR). Not 1CC because Mildred is cheap as hell, even on Normal difficulty.

I'm also planning on doing Suggoi!! Arcana Heart 2.
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