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Expecting an update? [d] TOO BAD!! WALUIGI TIME!![/d]

I started on another Arcade game (Darius), but I am kinda having a beef with the goddamn Fatty Glutton. >_< I thought Great Thing was the hardest boss, but this boss is even worse. Since I kept losing, I will put it on hold. (should've just started KI2).

A little late, but I started Golden Sun a few days ago.

I refuse to play Parasite Eve II because it is boring. I'm sorta close to the end, though. Just go through Neo Ark, fight Generators, exit Neo Ark, fight friggin' giant Bowman, exit and spam Grenades on Golems. Made longer due to busting EVERY ANMC, so that is why I'm hesitant.

Not related: I has Wii, so it might keep me busy [d](may or may not be related to hacking the Wii using Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and a save exploit.) I would've been extremely occupied if I had my Monster Hunter Tri save data.[/d]
[d]Totally not updating![/d]

Finish Darius Burst!!

Dunno if I should move on to another PSP gaem, or finish what I started (Golden Sun, which I am like...halfway there. Have to go through Altmilliar Cave) or promised (I think general consensus is Parasite Eve II.)

I would've had a few Arcade games, but desync is a b'!
Darius II desynced on Red Crab.
Killer Instinct 2 desynced at Glacius
Parodius Da! has to be done in one sitting. Lord help me if it desyncs.

Thoughts on doing SNES games:
Star Wars, Mystic Quest, Brain Lord

Lazy to do:
Dancing Sword: Senkou and maybe W.I.T.C.H.

There probably would've been a Metroid: Other M LP here (finished in about 3 days), but it was recorded with a Dazzle, and Dazzles are forbidden (and doesn't meet 480p requirement since the video, after cropping and processing, is 640x360. In other words: it is a widescreen game(?) like DKCR and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.)
[d]Expecting a link to my channel? Too bad! WALUIGI TIME!![/d]

Almost done with Golden Sun (a desert, a town, another dungeon to get the Carry Gem, an optional dungeon, an optional boss, the final dungeon, 2 boss fights, and a ton of dialogue stands in my way). If I do TLA, Password screen is going to be tool-assisted (and it will be fun. -_-)

Just finished Dancing Sword: Senkou.

Parasite Eve II still on the burner. >_> "He" is still stalking and threatens to multiply himself ninja-style and attack me.

Had a conversation on IRC about FFVI (well, FFIIIUS) and the runner quit without clearing WoB I think. MIGHT pick it. Iunno.
Thread marches on!!

Finished F-Zero!!

No progress on other games.
Too much Monster Hunter Tri (at least I'm doing something)[size=xx-small][d](unlike JonL, Don't hurt me! D:[/d])[/size]

Must...pick up...PE...2!
(unlike JonL, Don't hurt me! D:) lol
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Status report!!

Finished Mega Man Powered Up.

No progress on PEII (I am disappointed).

Dunno what PSP game is next. Have thoughts on DXC or maybe BBS.
I will think about it for awhile. Uo!! Maybe Half Minute Hero, but I need to slay more Overlords to play one map so it can actually be a complete playthrough of Hero 30.

Golden Sun is finished! Just have to process it (it is at the moment).
Will try to squeeze in The Lost Age while maybe doing another game. TLA won't be fun (it is just Air fucking Rock!...and locating the Flora summon tablet. Long password input won't be fun either. Will tool assist it to spare the viewers.)
I won't like going into Dark Dawn. Emulator be slow. Thankfully, the game isn't THAT long (unlike TLA, which is pretty long.) Plus, it is pretty fun.

Need to buckle down on PEII, but Monster Hunter Tri is too addictive. Yes, the game (Tri) is that great in my opinion. It isn't for everyone though. Excuses excuses. I know. Real excuse: Disc 1.

[d]I now officially claim the title of "Resident PSP Player"! >:3[/d]

It's 10 A.M. Central Time. I now go sleepy again!

Started Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Waiting for Golden Sun to upload (decided to upload it myself). This is going to take awhile (doing TLA that is).

Figured out how to load MKV files in VirtualDub (no...how to get a MKV file to be loaded in AviSynth), but it was for naught.

[d]I <3 Saki![/d]
First-a post updated.

Decided to try uploading on YouTube and using RemoteJoyLite at the same time. Don't think the video files have any problems (there was a case of slowdown, but I don't think it will be noticeable.) What I am talking about? Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles. :3 Game is short so I SHOULD be finished today. Decided to show all stages (Stage 1 is played twice: top path with [d]Richiter[/d] Richter. Bottom path with Maria.)
What I already did:
Prologue, 1, 2, 2', 3'. 4', 5, 6, 7 (no maiden saved), and 8. Stage 1 and 2 was done with Richter. Stage 1, 2', 3', 4', 5, 6, 7, and 8 was done with Maria in one sitting (she is VERY easy to play with.) I also fought the L. Vampire (Lesser? Lesbian?) and got the bad ending when Batman was defeated.

All that is left is Stage 3, 4, and 5' (might complete stage with Maria. Hydra boss is ASS!! i learned of a blind spot.). Going to show Stage 7 twice: one with Maiden saved (have to do this) and without maiden saved (to fight L. Vampire). Then defeat Batman with [d]Richiter[/d] Richter. Might be done (dunno if I want to do PSP version of SotN. It is different from PSX SotN. Then there's the original RoB, which is in English, unlike the PCE version that is on this site. Then again, how would I know? I never checked it out.)

Putting files together to show stages?
Prologue, Stage 1 ([d]Richiter[/d] Richter), Stage 1 (Maria), stage 2, 2', 3, 3', 4, 4', 5, 5', 6, 7 (no maiden), 7 (maiden), 8 (Maria, not all maidens saved), 8 ([d]Richiter[/d] Richter, all maidens saved)
[d]Saki!!! <3[/d]
First post updated!

DXC took longer than I thought to finish. Nonetheless, it is finished.
Still dunno if I want to do DXC SotN. Dunno if I want to do RoB (as mentioned: it is in English.)

Time to move on to sumthin' bigger. Like...Birth By Sleep! Then we will only be missing 2 more KH games (re: Chain of Memories, which I have but can't do, and re: coded)

[d]Did I mention I <3 Saki? (dem pigtails, man!)[/d]

Made some pretty good progress in Parasite Eve II (managed to get back to where I left off and then some).

If I do one more sitting, I might finish it (all that is left is: Neo-Ark (one more generator), Puppet Stinger, meet military, and I will pretty much at the end of the game (one room left). It is padded due to busting every ANMC (and Golem) encounter. It IS a longplay after all. :3 A few Fire PE (and Grenades) will do the trick. :3

I hope The 3rd Birthday doesn't take long (might try to get most of the Feats. The impossible ones are Roller first encounter and Rover first encounter. Defeating Queen quickly might be plausible.)
good job on almost finally completing PE2 :)
I probably would've been finished if I wasn't trying to go for every encounter. Then again, it IS a longplay, judging by the name of this site. =P

I expect at least a 10 hour video (Disc 1 encode is 3 and 45 minutes. Encode I am making is 3 hours and 30 minutes.) I estimate either one or two more sessions and I will be done.
I dunno how the hell this happened, buuuuuuuuuut...
I'm at the end of Parasite Eve II! Those "two people who shalt not be mentioned[size=xx-small]*[/size] better be happy. I want to keep my position and not get abused.

All I have now is one more encounter, one long scene, one boss fight, one boss fight, one more scene, FAINARU BAASU!, and then ending. Had to stop because I'm afraid 20GB won't be enough to get said 2 fights and long scenes.

[size=xx-small]*those "two people who shalt not be mentioned" are totally not commandah ScHlAuChi and Connor. TOTALLY NOT![/size]

On a non-PEII related note: I did Darius II and Killer Instinct 2. I might try Kiki KaiKai next (will get to Darius Gaiden later since it is a pain in the ass to complete.
I guess I soon have to look through your list to see if you have another game in the queue that I can pester you about, then.
Lately, commandah ScHlAuChi has been all "Prinny" or some mix-and-match of it (Prinnysite Eve or something) in the IRC.
I promptly replied with "Dood! *explodes*" or a variant of it.
Finished Parasite Eve II (dunno if it will be accepted.)

While I wait, I might as well get to doing The 3rd Birthday (hope this won't take long.)

Other news: KI2 and Double Dragon Advance would've been up, but I found out I uploaded on my own channel. ^^;

Since Ace Attorney Investigations isn't up on cubex55 (was at one point), I have taken the liberty to upload it. I wonder if the other games are okay to upload (Lego Batman, some of the other PC games.)


Finished Parasite Eve II

Aw I was off by 2 months.

Alright who won the pool?
First post.

Loving Golden Sun at the moment. Look forward to the Lost Age LP.
Welcome [d]to the land of tomorrow[/d] to the site.

Greeting was an excuse to say this:
The 3rd Birthday is a HANDFUL while recording. Lag...-_- Crossfire? LAG! Stinkers appear? LAG! Using Assault rifle? LAG! Use Liberation? LAG! It really only has to be used twice (on bosses: the first boss and the last boss. 3 or 4 if you count the tutorial level and possibly getting the Escape Reaper swiftly Feat. Either Roll-Liberation cancel abuse or straight using Liberation.) I will beef with it later.

At least I have little problems recording it.

Hm....maybe I should try Camtasia on The 3rd Birthday.
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