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Me thread became dead.

Finish some games!
-Rival Turf!
-Brawl Brothers
-The Peace Keepers
-The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Genesis)
-Sonic Blast Man II
-CutThroat Island

Currently working on:
Secret of Evermore
I think I'll update [d](if anyone cares)[/d].

Rescue Rangers and Rescue Rangers 2 done. Though one exists on this site, it isn't co-op.
Hrm. Would giving a co-op version of a game is acceptable? o_O

Haven't got to Xross Impact (he still demands it. >_> [d] Must keep my job.[/d])

Did the SNES version of Aero Fighters in co-op (and apparently fulfilled a KiethSomataw99 request. o_o Awesome.)

No progress on Birth By Sleep. Have to get back into it.

Might try to give Predator a shot. >_>
I want to give a Professional! version of ActRaiser, but dunno if that would matter.

Finished Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland.

Planning to beef with Super Star Ultra and Squeak Squad.
I also am calling dibs on Mass Attack...I think.

Also did a co-op game of Batman Forever.

An update:
Super Star Wars trilogy is finished (already mentioned Super Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back I think)

Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist finished. Practicing Xross Impact (read: complete all 3 story modes.)

The Minish Cap finished (took awhile).

Sonic Advance is ready to be uploaded.

No progress on Sonic Advance 2.

No progress on Birth By Sleep. Will probably hold until I get PVR I think. (mainly because AviSynth DON'T like Fraps footage. I could throw the footage VirtualDub, but I hate waiting. I might as well go with it.)

Trying to do Batman Forever for the SNES (at least try to get 100% in every stage.)

Young bro was getting onto me about "Y u no get me to play gaemz wit u?" while I was playing Batman Forever. There MAY be a chance that there will be co-op vidyas (and one step closer to Operation: Convert.), mainly SNES (we grew up on SNES.) [d]and Wii.[/d]

Will spam this site sooner or later.
Slander and lies!! >_<
[d]I ban u k?[/d]

[d]Also, as they say on the interwebz: pics or it didn't happen.[/d]
That is SO not what happened, I was there.

I started with you saying "I'm a little teapot." and then we tried to talk you down from the shrooms you had obviously taken. While we were doing that, you were saying "minish cap" over and over again, so we had to go with that. When ScHlAuIcHi said you could do that game, you calmed down and we could all go back to business.

True story.
But I was thinking of one (1) "Tarosan" that promised Minish Cap, but he/she/it didn't deliver. Commandah demands me to do it.

Dunno how it started...-looks in log-...Commandah started it. He said "MINISH CARP!" and then "accused" me of doing it by saying "Tsunao is doing Minish Carp."
Wait, what?
That was me joking :P
Sic Parvis Magna

Super Princess Peach delivered because of no deliver in 7 months? (around when Geekmeister [d]wasn't on vacation[/d] was here).

[d]Commandah[/d] [d]Spammander[/d] Spammandah demanded me to deliver Minish Cap. 5(?) months have past...NO DELIVER!!

Movie desync on The Return of the Jedi (always bork on the first stage. >_>). I want to pull a ScHlAuChi* with Sonic Advance and Super Star Wars series (only have one Sonic Advance game done because 2 is boring, but I will prevail.)

No progress on Birth By Sleep (all because of one boss.) I hope it doesn't end up like Parasite Eve II (someone joked that it became a legend. :3)

*[size=x-small]"pull a ScHlAuChi", v. - encode many videos and then upload; make many emulator movie files, record, encode, and then upload; SPAM SITE WITH NEW VIDEOS![/size]
60 to 40 then 50 then 20 then 45. The framerate goes all over the place.

It got REALLY bad after clearing the Stinkers, where a swarm of Twisted start appearing. Frame rate dropped to 15 to 20 or somewhere around there. Yeah. It was bad. I pretty much ragequit after that and tried to figure out how to solve it. No dice.
Bummer. Now, I don't know how much your fps drop for you to call it lag, but if it's just a drop from 60 to 50 or 30 to 25, I'm pretty sure there are other videos on the site that have those all over. Eg FFIX had lag every time it tried to display something with transparency (like smoke/fog), and that's obviously accepted.
[d]Connor? In my thread? I'm not worthy.[/d]

T3B is kinda tough. X_X And I don't mean in a difficulty standpoint (but it is a bit tough due to Worms and Mudflaps) I probably would've been done, but there are a few problems: RemoteJoyLite and LAG!

RemoteJoyLite: 0.19 gives some lag, but Reaper and Rover events won't play out. -_- (they will be stuck in one spot). 0.20a allows me to do Reaper and Rover events, but there is lag almost everywhere. -_- (0.19 is better)

On the subject of lag: Liberation? LAG! (and you only need to use it twice: Mission 1 boss and final boss. More if spammed on tutorial or getting "Escape Reaper swiftly" feat. Feat doesn't require Liberation, but it makes a hell of a lot easier to get.) Crossfire? LAG! Stinker mist? LAG! Use Assault Rifle? RAG! I just don't know if it would be acceptable. (that is why I sometimes upload PSP videos to FTP: I don't know if it would be acceptable.)

All the more reason to invest in a PVR I guess (but I have a dinosaur PSP. Other bro has a PSP-2000. He isn't using it. >:3)

Finished Super Star Wars.
Working on Empire Strikes Back (have, like, 5 stages left?)
Soooooo.. I've finished watching PE2 ages ago, when's T3B coming? :)

Started Ventus's story on Birth By Sleep. Raging on Vanitas at the moment.

Finished Brain Lord (didn't take long, really.)
Decided to take a stab at the SNES Star Wars trilogy (played a bit o' Star Wars, definitely played the hell out of Empire, never played Return).

Sonic Advance is done!! (well, the movie file.)
Just have to dump AVI.

Started on Sonic Advance 2. Special Ring fetching isn't all that bad. This one is going to take awhile (getting Chaos Emeralds with EVERYONE, just so I can play with Amy for the sake of it being a longplay.)

[size=xx-small][d]Gonna pull of a commandah ScHlAuChi (make a bunch of movie files and mass record and encode.)[/d][/size]

Unrelated: need to process videos in FTP. >_>
If you are referring to Persona 3 Portable, I already had thoughts on doing it. :3 Plus it is an excuse to replace the one I have on my channel.

Appudeito! (fail at Japanese)
Started Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (one story down, 2 more to do go. 3 if Final Episode counts).

Also started Sonic Advance (and will try to do the Advance series. May enjoy Sonic advance 3 because that is one I'm used to. Will not enjoy because of Chao fetching. -_-)
Welcome [d]to the land of tomorrow[/d] to the site.

Greeting was an excuse to say this:
The 3rd Birthday is a HANDFUL while recording. Lag...-_- Crossfire? LAG! Stinkers appear? LAG! Using Assault rifle? LAG! Use Liberation? LAG! It really only has to be used twice (on bosses: the first boss and the last boss. 3 or 4 if you count the tutorial level and possibly getting the Escape Reaper swiftly Feat. Either Roll-Liberation cancel abuse or straight using Liberation.) I will beef with it later.

At least I have little problems recording it.

Hm....maybe I should try Camtasia on The 3rd Birthday.
First post.

Loving Golden Sun at the moment. Look forward to the Lost Age LP.


Finished Parasite Eve II

Aw I was off by 2 months.

Alright who won the pool?
Finished Parasite Eve II (dunno if it will be accepted.)

While I wait, I might as well get to doing The 3rd Birthday (hope this won't take long.)

Other news: KI2 and Double Dragon Advance would've been up, but I found out I uploaded on my own channel. ^^;

Since Ace Attorney Investigations isn't up on cubex55 (was at one point), I have taken the liberty to upload it. I wonder if the other games are okay to upload (Lego Batman, some of the other PC games.)
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