[REQ] some NES games!!!

Last updated on 11 years ago
For the Metal Gear fans i would like to see the first Metal Gear game and the none official named Snake's Revenge (This game is a pain in the ass, but in my childhood i almost managed to beat this game :D)

2 others are Probotector 1 and 2 (Which are somesort of Contra ports)

Thanks in advance :)
Super idée
Probotector is Contra. (I think like how Super Mario Bros. 2 is Doki Doki Panic. Not related, but Contra Force isn't a Contra game.)
I guess it should be called Dolled Up Installment? Careful with the link.

It was changed because of some European law about depiction of human killing humans or something. It was like that all the way to Contra 4 (you can choose to play as one of the Probotectors. :3)

Long explanation aside, I THINK I can do Probotector 1 and 2. My only beef: I raeg on 50FPS.
Nice idea about that Metal Gear. Last week I tried to use a nes emulator but that rerecording thing is a bit too complex for me :P
It's not complicated. :3
All you have to do is choose to make a movie file (not AVI), and play the game normally (and abuse save states). :3
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