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I suck at introductions, so I shall keep this short.

Name's Ryochan, and I'm in love with video games but I suck at playing most anything but RPGs. So I decided recently to watch playthroughs of games I can't beat so I know what's going on, and that led me here.

I would probably not have signed up, but as I watched the games played, I was thinking I may try a few longplays of RPGs myself, once I figure out how to do the editing and all, so hey, why not join? Besides, then I can comment too!

Anyway, hope to get along with everyone and hello!
Welcome! if you want to know about recording and stuff we have forums and section providing what you need to make a longplay perfect. ^_^
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Hey there,this is Mark,glad to join this forum and glad to meet you here,I look forward to getting some inspiration and getting to know you.

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Thanks for the welcomes.

Des: I would, except you've obviously never seen me at a fighting game :D *sit in corner... spam kicks... hope to win*
Welcome to the community.
Welcome, I recommend you to pick a short game (like a fighting game) so your first time editing isn't a nightmare :)
Welcome to the community
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