Duke Nukem Forever.

Last updated on 12 years ago
I don't know about the rest of you, but I pre-ordered my copy of the Balls of Steel Edition almost a month ago already.

I just hope the $90 Price Tag is worth it!

Now, it's been roughly 15 years since the last real Duke Nukem title. And no, Manhattan Project doesn't count! :3

So how many of you guys are eagerly awaiting this game as much as I am? I can hardly stand to wait another 12 days!
Well, I can see this isn't going to be much of a discussion, so disregard this thread, or delete it or something.
This topic will remain up so we may see what SHAME you have brought upon us.
Folie à plusieurs.
There is no shame in loving Duke.
Hail to the king, baby!

Kitsune, i couldn't agree more, still blast through D3d once in a while
Been fan of duke nukem time to kill and land of babes which I'll record also, and loved Duke nukem 3D on playstation, I'll surely check this new one out :)
Sic Parvis Magna
I'm surely gonna buy this new game upcoming Friday. Think i'll play it till i drop dead :D
Speaking of Duke Nukem 3D, I might just play some of that before DNF comes out! I've only got 10 days left!
I've played Duke 3d this afternoon and must say it still kicks ass :) Sometimes pretty difficult, i'm trying to get all kills and all secrets. Most of the time i find them all.
Yes, it can be difficult. In fact, I'm gonna play on a higher difficulty than the easiest one! Give myself a challenge before DNF!
Man, the game really ramps up the difficulty on just the second highest difficulty on Duke 3D.

No wonder I got so bored playing the game before, though. No challenge on the lowest difficulty.
i managed to beat the 1st chapter on 3rd difficulty, It's a mather of hide and shoot. By strafing all the time. Just like in real shooters :P
If you want to do this longplay at your leisure, try doing it on easiest difficulty. I'm more of an easy-going casual player than a hardcore gamer.
Recording it will be no prob for me, but only the encoding stuff is to much for me to figure out... I don't like to fail and try while encoding stuff.

I know it's been told to me to go visit the mirc channel, but i'm to lazy for that or just don't want too.

Finding all secrets on the 2nd episode will be a bit tough, so goes for episode 3 and 4.
Why isn't DN3d on steam? Out of all the games they put on there, that's the one they leave out.
Folie à plusieurs.
Probably because they'd have to reformat it since it's a DOS game.
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