The Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure

Last updated on 13 years ago
I'm going to make my first longplay, and it's going to be Blues Brothers for the Super Nintendo.
Good luck.

Fun tip(s): use Snes9x. Either 1.51 if you want to play with some sound while AVI Recording (sound will be unbearable, but it will be normal) or 1.52 with no sound (but somewhat better compatibility or something, like with Secret of Evermore.)

Also, change sound playback rate to 48KHz (Config -> Sound -> Playback Rate on 1.51. Sound -> Playback Rate on 1.52.) If you don't, the video WILL have audio desync!!

If the game has black bars, crop it. It is simple: use MeGui. Tooks -> AVS Script Creator. Load file, choose auto crop, and adjust accordingly. Go to script tab and paste the crop script into the AVS file.

Also, be sure to take a gander at this thread. It has info on how to encode and what-not.

I suggest using MeGui to make your final MKV or MP4 file. Mkvmerge tends to "break" videos (won't load in DivX Player and videos uploaded to FailTube will have audio-video desync.). If this happens and I am the one processing it, I will "fix" it.

When uploading to the FTP, set the file to resume in case of crapped connection.
Transfer -> Default File exists action. Set upload to "Resume".

All this stuff may be a little confusing, but it is actually simpler than it sounds
Hi! Good job for a first try, but as it stands, your submission cannot be accepted.
- The compression level is set too high, which gives a degraded image
- The video was apparently resized, which produces a blurry result.
- There is a black border on the right that need to be cropped.

For more information on how to fix these issues, please join me or any other admin on our IRC channel.
Hope to hear from you soon ;-)
Play long and prosper!
Sorry, but your fix is not good enough.

You will need to go back to your original uncompressed material and start anew.

You need to double the video size first, going from 256x224 to 512x448. This is done by doubling pixels, not stretching!
The best and easiest way is to add a single line in the AviSynth script that you have probably already made to include our signature.
Please refer to this FAQ, and look for the word pointresize.

Second, you need to crop black borders by adding a crop line to the AviSynth script.
We don't have a specific FAQ for that yet, but the MeGUI program has a nice feature that generates that line for you. Go to the Tools / AVS Script Creator menu. Select your video file, select the Crop option, then click Auto Crop. After that, select the Script tab and copy the crop line you'll find there to your own AVS script.
Check the result before going any further. Make sure the black borders have disappeared and that no actual part of the video was lost in the process.

And that's it. Encode the AVS script (using a better quality setting than last time) and you should get a video file that is almost pixel perfect, for a file size that should be a lot smaller too (like half your original size or something).

Please, if you have any more questions, make sure to join us on our IRC channel. Use the FAQ to do that if necessary.
Play long and prosper!
My guess is that you already captured your source file in a wrong way, so please come to IRC and we help you to solve this problem, as i dont think your submits will get any better ;)

It only means more work for you and us if you keep resubmitting a bad file :)
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