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I now have the registered version of fraps. First I need a good computer to record on then I need the information for files necessary for a longplay. I got the files. I'm a beginner longplayer so I probably won't be surprised I a longplay is rejected.
As long as you use a good codec (no problem if you use FRAPS) and follow guidelines, you will be okay. Quality is kinda important.

Guideline in a nutshell:
-less than...width less than 480(?), use pointresize (use this on handheld games and older systems like NES and SNES)
-upload a text file.
To make some of our lives (well, mines at least) easier:
For size: assuming you are using Windows: Right-click -> Properties. Use "Size". Not "size on Disk" or the size seen when you hover over a file. Copy the kazillion numbers. If it is something like 2,438,694,385 bytes, copy it all (I prefer putting in with commas and without commas. No commas = faster fill in my opinion). It makes filling out the download page faster and allow us (well, me and JonL...I think. :3) to know if a file is done uploading on FTP. For Time, put it in hh:mm:ss format, not 1 hour 23 minutes. Again, it speeds up the filling (I copy from a text file.)

Requirement thread
Don't worry, it really isn't that strict. :3

Pro tip for FTP:
assuming you are using FileZilla:
Transfer -> Default File Exists action
Change Upload's option to "Resume file transfer". Continue to upload when connection stops all of a sudden so you won't have to keep uploading the same file a kazillion times.
Actually, according to JonL, if the width or height are less than 400 pixels, it needs to be doubled. If the width or height are at least 400 pixels, then it does not need to be doubled.

Use something like this:

pointresize(width*2,height*2) # Double-sizes the video (320x200 -> 640x400)

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