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The thing is that those missions are all in the Warcraft III Demo but only 2 are in the official release of Warcraft III RoC and in the TFT exp those missions are added as custom campaign. Storywise they continiue the story of Thrall after he depart with the Human ships till he lands on Kalimdor (The Barrens). So I think I will add thos missions after the credits so people can see the story there :)
ok, fine too. We will see when the longplay arrives :)
After I am done with those last 3 mission I will merge everything into 1 big file around 35gb :) I hope that is ok I prefer to do it like that instead of uploading campaign by campaign :)
just rar the campaigns as a whole, and let the mods upload it as campaigns on the website :)
it's your decision, but large files scare people, and half will not download a huge 15 GB file
We would prefer campaign by campaign as it takes forever to upload 35GB Also I doubt if Archive would allow a file that large...?
Anyhow we would have to split the video for Youtube, and having the video in parts to begin with would be a great help.
I will merge the human and the undead campaign and the orc with the night elf + the bonus material and I will upload them that way :) The computer from I will upload is very old and BAD and I do not have enough space to contain the whole game anyway :D On my laptop im with wireless and I have tried to upload from here but it is a pain!
OK, I take it that would be a natural way to merge the videos? (I haven't played the game in ages so I don't really remember how it went. (Really looking forward to seeing the videos)
From the FAQ;

Q: Why should I use this site and not another site with game videos?
A: Main reasons: 1) Videos are not split in multiple parts whenever possible.....

I thought Geek of all people would know what the limits of AO is, considering he had the largest LP on the site until just recently, weighing in at 80GB.

I've seen mods on IRC complain that people split their LPs before uploading, so I'd rather say that unless you have a very good reason to split, don't do it.

Splitting for YT is trivial, since it's just a quick mkvmerge-command, so that's hardly a reason to split before upload. About the only thing I can think of is if you can't upload continuously for the several hours it may take, and in that case it's better to zip/rar in multiple archives instead of splitting the video itself.
I was thinking about Archives limitations on single files. The Fallout 3 Longplay was in multiple parts that totaled 80GB. I don't think Archive would allow that. And as Kireev said, lots of peole would be less than willing to download a single file that large. I could be wrong though.
Ah, didn't see that there were several links after the download-link. Well, in any case, my FF13 LP is ~40GB and works fine, so that's not a problem. As for size of file, what is the difference between downloading one 35GB file and three ~12GB files?

The only situation I can think of is that they are not really related and the three files actually make more sense separately, in which case splitting should be fine (perhaps even encouraged), under the heading "good reason" I specified earlier.

I don't think it's a good idea to encourage splitting files for no reason though, especially since we claim in the FAQ that we don't do it as a sales-point.
I will not split it :) I decided to merge it all 38 GB :) It is uploading now with 80-130 kbs so it will be a while till it is uploaded and then I will add the description file and the screenshot :) I cannot upload it from the other computer because it is extremely old and its hard drive is not big enough to take this file :lol: It is slow now because I use wireless conection but this is all I can do :) Patience is a virtue :lol: :lol: :lol:
ye true :) and waiting for it! :D Hopefully the mods will release it as per campaign.
Finally WC III is done! I hope people are not dissapointed with my playstyle :)
don't think they will :) Thanks a bunch!
I have not watched all of it (I am still on the human campaign) but what I have seen so far is very good!
To-do list Updated!
The Night elf campaign is finished :) Starting the Blood elf missions :)
woohoo! :D
Btw did you watched the replay? Did you enjoy it? I see so many downloads but not 1 comment :(
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