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Hello everyone !
I dont want to be too arrogant, but how about these two longplays ?
BTW Demon Souls video, in my opinion, would be much interesting if playing as magic user, because there is a bunch of DS lets plays on Y-tube, but all of them played as warrior or rogue-type characters.
I think this a pretty challenging task, judging by how hard this game even with much more tougher characters than mage, but and much more fascinating :).
Thank for your hard work, guys :)
Yaaaaaaaay! someone please do Demon souls, Its a Fantastic game. would Love to see a Longplay of This!

Somone Interested taking the challange up in this as longplay and competive game ? ^^ Please!?
Not to degrade the longplayers of this site, but I personally think that the best LP of this game has to belong to the small group of people that did it on the LP Archive.

Squint plays it normally and shows off everything, Test-0 does it all with only his fists and fist weapons, and WeaponBoy shows off the New Game Plus content. Unfortunately, they don't show any online content, as they have to play it offline to better control the white/dark levels of the chapters.

I personally like how Squint defeated the boss in the tutorial level to show me how the tutorial could have otherwise ended.
Just in case...
Metroid Prime Tri-
~checks thread~

Demon's Soul already requested.
Then again, commandah ScHlAuChi has already completed it (as read in the shoutbox). When it will be uploaded is anyone's guess.

LP as in "Let's Play". We dun do "Let's Play", yo. is kinda irrelevant.

Edit: Duuuurrrrrr.....comprehension fail.
Just realized TC said he/she/it kept seeing Demon's Soul videos with commentary and a Let's Play of Demon's Soul was provided.
Still, I say you can't compare people who do commentary with people who don't do commentary.
What? The TC said nothing about there being commentary in those videos. He just said that he wanted a run of the game with a magic user instead of a warrior.

Squint uses a lot of magic in his playthrough. In fact, he shows off the strongest spells in the game.
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