Hello dudes.

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Hi, got around to seeing cubex55 YT channel then reached Longplays and here I am. I wanna submit an arcade longplay, seems like a speedrun too, Rastan done on hardest with 1 life only.

If it hits your needed vid profile, let me know. I re-encoded it the way you want it, dunno if resolution is exactly what you want, I just doubled it with VirtualDub as 320px stuff gets awful framerates on YT. (even if original was 60fps)

The .mkv is smooth, I tested and YT version looks OK as well.
Unlike my previous:

Just thought that maybe you'd want it. If not, I'll up it to my account.

Upload it to FTP so any of the admins can check it, and decide ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
Am just waiting on them to give the OK, can't just burst into people's home (read server), now can I ?
Sure you can. Upload, PM/IRC an admin to check it, and when they're done they'll remove it. Just upload a small sample first with representative content.
Would be easy if I knew who the admins are, besides you. "webmaster"
I'll look into the chat thingy.
I actually don't do video-checking, the title was kind of just dumped on me.

The safest way is to contact JonL, if he doesn't have time, he can probably redirect you to someone else. Most checking and publishing is done by either JonL or Tsunao, and they ask the resident quality-ninja ScHlAuIChI (I have NO idea if I got the capitalization right) if they're not sure it's good enough.

However, you're almost certainly going to be asked to come to IRC for more discussions though, so you might as well get it working anyway. :)
Hi everyone!

Just dropping by to say hi!

Hope you are having a great time!

Have a good day ahead!
Just upload the sample of the video on the FTP and admins will check and decide, it's simple as that
Sic Parvis Magna
Allright, got to yap to Schiauchi, here's some Rastan trolling that happened during recording. It wasn't as funny then, though.

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