Amazing Island (GameCube)

Last updated on 11 years ago
One of the few games that really defined my childhood, next to Megaman X which has already been done (I'm assuming so).

I want to see a 100%, or at least as close as you can get to it without using the gameboy adapter.
Sorry for the double post, but does no one really want to do it?
Patience, padawan. It will be added to the ever growing list of requested longplays, and hopefully someone will eventually do it.

You can't expect people to drop their current projects to do your requests. Are you in some sort of hurry to see it?
What AMReese said.

A few reasons why someone might not be able to do it:
-Don't have a Wii or GameCube
-Don't have a capture device
-Don't have the game

Gamecube games aren't easy to find these days (unlike, say, PS2 and MAYBE Xbox). I think they aren't cheap either (did a quick search on Rogue Squadron II and it was running for about $70)
I can find gamecube games under 15$ here...
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