moncler News: Small Piebu instant face-lift and remove cake face

Last updated on 11 years ago
Always swollen face or jaw too wide of pie you feel upset? 8 simple face-lift and small Piebu, so you easily make small color beauty!
Part 1
A relaxation of the skin caused by swelling of 10 killer
1 a smoking habit
2 2 to 3 times a week to drink the wine
3 overweight
4. Seldom exercise
5 great pressure of work
6 could not sleep at night
7. Love coffee more than tea
8 glasses of water a day, drink 3-4
9. Love of a class of fast-food hamburger fries
10 often did not wipe out the sun
The two began a normal healthy lifestyle adjustment physiology
1 Do not eat after 8 pm, drink, do not stay up late, good lifestyle, to avoid burden on the kidneys.
(2) after getting up as much water during the day, by water to dilute the body of excess salt, in order to promote rapid drainage purposes the body. giubbotti moncler
moncler prezzi

3 fixed to maintain movement of water through sweat exclude more than the body, and promote the body's blood circulation, will face a rapidly swelling effect.
4 morning, get up, wash face with cold water for 20-30 seconds, then will face into his refrigerator freezer, bring water down the face exclusion, and a tight skin.
5 containing caffeine, Theophylline, grape seed and other ingredients of the facial skin care products to accelerate fat metabolism, excluding the face more than water, and tighten skin, prevent skin sagging, restore compact.
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