Hi, I'm going to bring something new to this site

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Hey guys i found this site about a week ago and fell in love, I showed my brother who lives with me the site as well and he also loves it. But i feel something was missing from the vids.

Dual Audio...
All of my clips that i will be uploading will be in MKV format and you will have the choice to choose between the games audio or a live commentary of myself playing the game(with the games audio turned down) also i'll be talking about the history of the game and or franchise.
Currently i've finished Resident Evil Gaiden for the Game Boy Color. I'm encoding and uploading it sometime this week. My brother and I our playing through the Zelda gbc games doing dual audio as well.

I have high hopes that everyone will love our vids and our dual audio commentary. Please let me know what you think of the idea and we also would like an idea of games you would like us to do.

I plan to do
Metriod II GBC (Color Hacked version)
Final Fantasy Adventure GB
Felix The Cat NES
Clock Tower SNES
The Legend Of Zelda BS SNES (the NES Remake release only in japan)

I REALLY suggest using the original Metroid II. It is a rule or something.


- If you use a source port of the game, make sure it looks as closely to the original game as possible. No high-definition texture pack, no new 3D enemy models, no unofficial mods. This is all about being faithful to the original, NOT about looking as good as possible.

Then again, the game was already done. =/

I believe commentary isn't allowed. Well, it is sorta allowed, but only if it is optional.


- Don't add audio commentaries, unless you make them optional (as a second audio track). This is no "Let's Play" series.

If I was processing, I would go for the non-commentary version.

Oh, and Tarosan called Final Fantasy Adventure.

LongPlay of the Metroid 2 color version is in the following.

Info: Click Here...

Therefore, I think that LongPlay need not be done again here.
No problem guys.
The commentary will always be second optional track

I will take metriod 2 color hack off the list, as for Final Fantasy Adventure is already called for I will tackle the Remake for Gameboy Advance.

Thanks for letting me know and for the feedback. I plan on hammering out games left and right. But i would like to know how we all go about calling for games. Do we announce it somewhere?
No one cares about commentary, only original audio, that's why our LPs are different, youtube is full of Let's plays, and similar video with commentaries ;)
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