AviSynth causes audio to gradually go off-sync

Last updated on 12 years ago
So, I'm using HyperCam with the XviD codec. I tried other codecs, and most of the time they made the audio sync even worse. XviD syncs perfectly at the beginning. As time goes on, however, it starts to lose sync. Soon enough, the video ends up happening before the audio. Would skipped frames be the cause of this? Because I usually get less than 5 or less per recording session, and it shouldn't cause the video to go off-sync as much as it does. Does somebody have a solution?
If you are planning on submitting said video to the site, and fraps doesn't work, use camtasia studios recorder their codec is very good, and shouldn't desync, depending on what you do to the video after recording will determine desyncing.
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I don't really have the money to afford Camtasia. And once that 30-day trial is gone, I'm screwed. I'd love to contribute to the site, but Camtasia isn't my best solution.
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