About the deletion of videos on Cubex55

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I didn’t got it properly and get more confused by reading the whole procedure. It has make no sense. Plaese share us more updates according to the deletation of videos on cubex55.
Thank you
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All films from February 26, 2012 1:59 pm, has so far been removed (20 days or so) ... about 60-80 films. Will take a while to climb back to everyone.
The needed documents have/are being sent, to try and recover the account.
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Is it possible to ask YT to bring back a channel? Also kirev, you probably should post the videos of longplays you did yourself, to avoid complaints of others stating you posted their video.
Yuck, what a mess. YT definitely has a design flaw if the whole channel and thousands of vids can get deleted this easily.

Copyright infringement? For what?!?!?!

There can't be any of that because each one of logplayers walkthrough is its own work, its own way of playing the game and now we have complaint about copyright infringement? Why? From who? Multiple third parties? Which one?

There is something fishy going on there I tell you...

JohnX895 we can see on "deleted videos" for copyright infringement ?? Ok for his videos, but yours ? I don't thinks youtube account can be re-opened, and id it's possiblewill we retrieve our videos ?

So most of popular videos are deleted, and can't be retrieve. What will happened ?
I remember watching the Ghostbusters longplay over at archive.org when it wasn't available on youtube. Gotta love that site.

Too bad about the youtube thing. Hope everything returns to normal soon and this doesn't happen again.
Yup... correction on my part - I didn't literally mean this site host them all, but they are hosted somewhere else so if something happens to YT, np.
Every video is hosted on archive.org - so unless they delete it, its safe for all eternity :)


Oh ... I was scared that the time I spent on WCIII TFT was a waste :|

You do know that all longplays are hosted on this site, right? :) (not counting the Amiga ones which are hosted on another site)... so your longplay(s) will never be gone even if YT blew up.
Oh ... I was scared that the time I spent on WCIII TFT was a waste :|
Well re upload slowly, piece by piece, nobody is rushing anywhere ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
Ok, did some research, YT does not recover any deleted videos:


YouTube does not provide backups of your content, delete means delete.

They get that question a lot as people seem to want back their deleted videos, but it's a no-no.
I had a quick look but couldn't find any contact information other than reporting a bug, which this isn't and who knows when they care to look into that "bug" message.

So, I just let it be. It doesn't bother me and Ironclaw much as we only upload Amiga longplays which will be only 5 that needs to be re-upped :). Someone else will have to contact them about it instead. Whenever Schlauchi comes online he will be given the password as it's better he decides who to give access to, he knows the recorders better than me and Ironclaw anyway. So maybe he could talk to the YT team.
hipoonios have you tried to ask youtube to restore the files?
Well, it's probably that someone was careless and clicked the wrong button when he/she decided to upload his/her movie and instead of selecting THAT movie, he selected the entire page of maybe 100 movies or something and clicked delete (arrow showing what button I mean:

[img width=300]http://recordedamigagames.ath.cx:8080/ftpups/Hello.jpg[/img]

But still, the fewer people with access, the lesser the chance is that something like this would happen again.
Hopefully this won't happen again in the future and that's what I and a lot of people are hoping.


I didn't know that the screening process for access was so flimsy.

Me neither. Me and Ironclaw gave our trust in a couple of people, who clearly must have gone haywire with the sharing of the account to others.
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