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Hello everyone. My name is Stealthborn. I've been registered for a brief period of time but I felt I should introduce myself. I've been watching the longplays for a little while now which is a blast. I've been basically an avid video game collector who has an N64, Saturn, Genesis, Neo Geo AES, PS1, Dreamcast and SNES in terms of retro games. I am most proud of my Dreamcast (67) and SNES (118) collections. Been on quite a few other forums and was fairly well known on a couple of other ones before coming here. Thanks for reading and hope to stop in every now and then.
Welcome to the active part of the site :)
Sic Parvis Magna
Welcome! You should join us in the IRC sometime we have A LOT of fun in the IRC!
You will use these talents to help you in the game. Your access to the game’s world involves paying a monthly subscription via credit card or an equivalent.
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