Tom Zito Needs You! to Make My Music Video

Last updated on 10 years ago
The Sega CD FMV Mega Archive featuring talent from the famed Tom Zito is almost complete.

Outstanding are the 4 'Make My Video' games. Try as I might I cant figure the games out and the manual is of little help.

Make My Video: INXS
Make My Video: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
Make My Video: Kriss Kross
Make My Video: Power Factory - featuring C + C Music Factory

Now before shouting "These are not games", I would agree with you, but each one contains an 'Edit Challenge'. This is the game part and suposably you have to create a video to the specifiction that it gives and matchup any cues contained in the lyrics to a video track.

Try as I might I just cant figure it out. My plea is that there must be someone out there who owned and played these games who knows what there doing and could record a playthrough of these games or offer some insight in how it works.

I can understand if you wish to remain anonymous and it will be respected, afterall who would admit to owning these games, but please help ;)
It was only a matter of time before these came along. Although they are debatable as games I would still like to see them come along just because Tom Zito is an interesting part of video game history (whether you like the stuff he's done or not). I certainly will be looking forward to this stuff when it comes eventually. As far as someone who has played these games, I do know that someone did play the INXS and Kris Kross ones a short time ago on YouTube. I'll look into it some more.
Sorry for the double post, but here is some information that I found. I don't know how much help it will be but I tried:

I also have no shame in watching these because I have a guilty pleasure for this stuff. You could also ask Darksydephil about it because for his April Fool's Special he played C&C, Kris Kross and INXS. He's a busy guy so if you wanted to contact him (or wanted me to contact him), I could try and find out more.
Any help is worth looking into.

I have almost got through one song now with a rating of good, but not quite good enough. So I just need to keep at it.

The problem is the video scenes I need to make sure are in the final video go by so damn fast, im having to right down the time stamps of when certain scenes appear in a song.

Now that sounds simple, but there are multiple instructions for each invidual song (replay value??) so I have to wait till the one I think I can win appears ;)

If I finish a song perfect, the horror continues as I have two more songs ive not even looked at lol. (Working on the Power factory game).

For this longplay, its not enough to just simply get through each song. I want to see a perfect ending for each song in each game ;)
Well I took a look at the Power Factory video posted up there and although it isn't perfect I'll give you credit for trying. I tried to look up more information as well but couldn't really find anything else. A review on the game in the reviews section of gamefaqs had a guy telling how you could do it but from what I've read it is very hard to get a good rating on songs (even though there's only 3 of them). I'm assuming the other three games are like that as well with a few songs and such?
With power factory, the issued challenges are selected at random. Withthe others you get to 3 songs, but each has three challenges. I really dont fancy trying to beat them all as Im still unsure what is required for a perfect run of any song.
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As the original sole designer and license-holder of the Make My Video series, I can tell you that I never intended them as standalones. But Sony got greedy thinking they could magically turn their huge stash of old (and expensive) rock videos into games and insisted they would work on their own. Clearly, they do not. But weren't supposed to. They should have been part of a larger concept music-based game.

Of course, I originally designed the series for the Axlon/Hasbro/Isix console in 1987. But since that was stillborn, they ended up on the hideous Sega CD. A single-speed system with about 10k/sec. tops. Egads. Brutal vid PQ!

Zito had nothing to do with the original series, he had already been fired by Barry Alperin of Hasbro off Isix for incompetence. Zito merely brokered a deal with Sony for my products under the Digital Pictures banner years later. It's amazing how PR spin spreads misinformation.

Is there something relating to the series I can help you with?
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