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I am requesting a single-video longplay of Raven Software's 2010 shooter 'Singularity', available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. I have been wanting to record a commentary for some time, but lack a capture card and adequate software to record from my PS3.

The game is quite short, very easy (aside from a few segments on higher difficulties) and difficulty only affects the health and damage dealt by enemies, so any setting is fine.
Your name reminds me of the Youtube Commentator "TheMarkOfJ" but anyways. What is the game like...? Like just run and gun or kinda like a FPS with puzzles?
Ah, I've heard of him; no, my name is an amalgamation of "Mark Hamill" and his voice role as the Joker in the Batman Animated Series.

The game plays very much like Bioshock: shooting, with additional powers governed by "E99 energy" - or Adam, if your will. Since the player operates on medpacks instead of regenerating health, sniping and abusing your powers works much better than running and gunning. Once you acquire the Autocannon (a 600-round portable minigun) and fully upgrade Deadlock (a giant bubble that slows bullets and freezes all enemies within it), combat becomes a complete joke.

In between combat, there are indeed quite a few puzzles, but they all revolve around the same one or two mechanics - aging and de-aging a box to prop open a gate or reach a ladder, putting a turbine in stasis to pass through, etc. The game is very linear, and even has a "Chrono Ping" function that shows you exactly where you need to go via glowing footsteps. The game has three endings, but seeing all three is simply a matter of selecting "Continue" after the credits to replay the last five minutes.
I somehow seem to recall Zuljaras mentioning this game as one he would longplay, I could be wrong though since I haven't heard anything more about it since then. The game isn't bad, but it's not very innovative either, relying heavily on mechanics from other games. And there were no subtitles for some reason...
Yes, I was going to start Singularity but then I started Dark Messiah of Might & Magic and I made 1 part and stopped because I am in exam session right now :(
markhamj you still plan on longplaying it? I don't want anyone else to hold off on it because of ambiguity.
Everyone can make it :)
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