Hello everyone!

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Wow.. took me ages to register!

nice to meet you all. name's Benny, friends call me Panik. I am 20 yrs young, and since i am from Austria, my english might not be the best ;)

After watching all them Mega Drive and Master System Longplays i decided to register.. yes i actually watched every single longplay (thanks to the players).
I am a gamer since i got my master system II on my 3rd birthday and really love to play and replay the games i grew up with.

id say im pretty good at shmups, so hopefully ill get around to submit some of my recordings. (Haupauge ready for action)
There's plenty of Master System games left to record for longplays. I even make each request list with ten games that weren't recorded. If you see a Master System game that I requested, feel free to record it.
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Welcome to the Site! I'm sure the players of the videos you've watched can appreciate that you watched their longplays (I know i do), If you want to, or plan on making any longplays, you can come by the IRC (Either through the site with the "Chat" button, or through an IRC program) and we will help in anyway we can :D
Metal Gear! uhhggg
thank you for the kind response!
i really love this site and i see the effort put into the longplays. so yes i actually plan to contribute! atm im still "working" to beat Mushihimesama-Futari(Ultra) on 1coin. and i think i could need a hand for the encoding. later on i want to record some master system games. so hopefully well get along well in the chat ;)
Haha, No problem :P Most folks around here are pretty nice, despite the arguments we may get into over certain things for games. But yeah, stop by and me, or any of the admins would be glad to help :P
Metal Gear! uhhggg
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welcome to the site.... we will give you the best to keep your champix online interest.... let's build this great forum together :)
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