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Last updated on 12 years ago
Hello everyone at WOL!
I love and watch the Youtube channel for ages...Let's Player myself, I would like to start doing Longplays aswell.
I'm from Switzerland and play mostly Retrogames (with exeptions ;-)
Already 32 yrs old but still a gaming freak.
Thanks for all the great players.

Hey there! Welcome to the site! Busterflex in my opinion is a great name xD Just thought i'd include that somewhere :P
Metal Gear! uhhggg
@johtto !
Thanks, the name is derrived from a chiptune album of the 90ies
Patric Catani - The horrible plans of Flex Busterman
Just by the way!
If you could speak some german, you could watch my vids on youtube ;)
Oh, that's cool! And i'm afraid i only know English and SOME French, sorry :(
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Welcome to the community
Sic Parvis Magna
welcome stranger! we hope you have a great time here
If you want to prove yourself...First you must complete the task you're given. - Auron (Final Fantasy X)
welcome.... I can speak German but not too much... where I can find your vids?
Thanks for your kind words!
For anyone who would like to see some of my vids (got 3 Longplays and mostly Let's plays in german)
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