Medal of Honor longplays

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Well i saw there were no moh longplays here, so i want to make some. I will do the pc games (allied assault, pacific assault, airborne).
But i want to ask: what is the best and simple program for editing videos, like joining files and cutting sequences?
VirtualDub (freeware)
ok so i played the first part and then i edited with virtual dub (i cutted some scenes). Then i went to file->save as avi, i waited 10min and the new video has some problems with audio and the fps. Is this the way to save? And one more question: after the videos are done, how to merge them? Pls help me i'm new at this :P
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Metal Gear! uhhggg
Pacific Assault is on my to do list ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
What I usually do is to take the AVIs recorded with FRAPS and merge them with virtualdub. From here, I will make a wav with the sound, and uncompressed (and superlarge) avi. From here encode both files in MEGUI (the avi should be encoded with the aviscript provided in the tutorial) and then merge the new video (mkv) and audio (mp4) files with mkvmergeGUI.
ok so i recorded like half of the game, but i have some questions. i edited the first 2 missions and then i compressed them with lagarith (i tried also with tscc but very bad result). then for the 3rd mission i used xvid codec, and this is by far the best. i mean the size of the file is like 100x smaller then lagarith, it plays much smoother (lagarith videos didnt even play in vlc), and its the same quality. i mean this doesnt even need megui to reduce size. so why everybody recommends tscc or lagarith? also, when i have all videos recorded, i want to merge them all in vdub, but it says they have different compression schemes. so i guess i have to stick with lagarith till the end :(
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does anyone know the best settings in megui for the best quality? i applied the settings that are here:
but i think i can get better quality, its like the fps drops, even if it says its still 60.
ok finished recording, now editing and encoding. im sorry for the quite high resolution, next game i will do better :D
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