A Request for Ghen War on Sega Saturn

Last updated on 9 years ago
My family recently acquired a Sega Saturn with a bunch of games ranging from good to God AWFUL (with God AWFUL being Bug Too! and good being Nights Into Dreams and Sonic 3D Blast.) There was one game that really caught our attention...

Ghen War.

My sister and I are fans of the cheesy FMV style, we loved games like Zork Grand Inquisitor and Phantasmagoria, but unfortunately for us we can't fully enjoy this game because we both suffer from what I like to call "FPS Syndrome." Also known as "First Person Sickness." Games with a first person perspective (most of them at least, skyrim and Team Fortress 2 do not affect me, or at least they haven't yet) make my sister and I nauseous so we can't fully enjoy Ghen War. Coupling that with Ghen War's less than savory controls makes it frustrating for either of us to get through.

If possible, I'd love it if anyone could fulfill my request and create a longplay of this game. We tried to fine a full playthrough on youtube, but it stops just after a few of the cutscenes. Please, please, oh PLEEEEASE do this?
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