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Last updated on 8 years ago
Here's some of my requests: (some of which I mentioned before) It will be awesome if it's done without any continues.
Aqua Rush (a Namco arcade puzzle) complete at least Hard mode. [optional: complete all three modes]
Slipstream (a rare Capcom racing game) do a run that show the layout the four couses.
Star Sweep (a puzzle game) complete run
Capcom Sports Club (a Capcom set of three sports games: Tennis, Basketball, and Soccer) complete run on all three sports. [according to a website, you can play against secret teams on each sport by getting enough points before winning the finals.]
The Ocean Hunter (a SEGA shooter) a complete run
LA Machineguns (Arcade) a complete run
emergency call ambulance [optional] a complete run
Mighty Pang (Capcom shooting puzzle) complete run on Tour Mode and Expert Mode
Ski Champ (SEGA ski racing game) do several runs that show that layout of each course at least once.
Star Wars Trilogy (Sega arcade game) complete successful run [no failures]
Code One Dispatch (Konami racing game) complete run
Confidential mission- (SEGA shooter) completes all the objectives; espically the very last one, which determins the ending.
Mario VS Donkey Kong (GBA platform) 100% playthrough including Plus and Expert stages.
Trauma Center: New Blood-[optional] complete run
Trauma Team [optional] complete run with Diagnostician and Forensics portions flawless.
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (N64) complete 100% run
Outrunners [optional]
Super Monkey Ball Jr (GBA) complete all four stages without skipping levels
Dynamite Cop (arcade) complete run on all three missions [optional: a differnet character on each mission]
Die Hard Arcade (arcade) complete run
Magical Truck Adventure (arcade) show several runs that show all six possible courses
18 Wheeler (arcade) [optional] complete run
Tenkomori Shooting (Namco arcade game) complete all three courses
Cleopatra Fortune (arcade puzzle) [optional] complete run
Tetris Plus 2 (arcade puzzle) [optional] show all puzzles and endings
Virtua Cop 3 (SEGA shooter arcade) complete run
Virtua Cop 2 (SEGA shooter arcade) complete run on both courses
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