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Hi there! I'm very happy to subscribe in this amazing channel!
I have some requests to do:

Arcade: Tough Turf, Puchi Carat, Virtua Striker, Virtua Striker 2, Virtua Racing, Sega Rally 2 (o for Dreamcast),Pitfall 2, Rambo 3, Teddy Boy Blues, Time Pilot, Rock N Rage, Mutant Fighter, Crystal Kings, Ace Driver, SCUD Race, Daytona USA 2 (o for DC) and The Lost World Jurassic Park.

Game Gear: Tails Skypatrol, Hurricanes and Earthworm Jim.

Master System: Pro Wrestling, Cyborg Hunter, Lord of The Sword, Spiderman, Gain Ground and Spy vs Spy .

Megadrive: Dynamite Duke, Awesome Possum, Strider Returns, Double Clutch, Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf, Final Zone, Super Monaco GP, Magical Hat, Thunder Force 2, Forgotten Worlds, Beast Wrestler, James Bond The Duel, Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Dynamite Headdy, Heavy Nova, Light Crusader, Shining in the Darkness, Bimini Run, James Pond (2, 3 and Aquatic Games), Crack Down, Mighty Max, Ballz, Budokan, Bonkers, Columns 3, Cosmic Spacehead, Little Mermaid, Fantasia, Garfield, Marsupilami, Herzog Zwei, Sword of Vermilion, Super Hydlide, Spiderman, Speedy Gonzales Cheese Cat-Astrophe, Fatal Labyrinth, Kid Chameleon, Marko's Magic Football, Shining Force (1 and 2) and Pirates! Gold.

32X: Darkxide, Metal Head and Spiderman Web of Fire.

Saturn: Myst, Riven, Super Tempo, Bug, Bug Too, Dark Savior, Burning Rangers, Enemy Zero, Decathlete, Clockwork Knight, Radiant Silvergun, Virtual On, Sega Rally, Last Bronx, Swagman, Shellshock, Mr Bones, Dragon Force, Virtua Racing, Fighting Vipers, Fighters Meagamix, Shining Force 3, Story of Thor 2, Virtua Fighter 2, Saturn Bomberman, Die Hard Arcade, Rampage World Tour, Deep Fear, Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Guardian Heroes.

Dreamcast: Virtua Fighter 3 tb.

PSX: Twisted Metal (1995), Rapid Reload (with fixed sound), Kileak: The DNA Imperative, Criticom, Kula world, DBZ Legends, The mission, Spice World, Jersey Devil, Spyro (2 and 3), Moto racer (1, 2 and World Tour), Need For Speed saga, G Police, Colin Mcrae Rally (1 and 2), Robo Pit (1 and 2), Johnny Bazookatone, Syphon Filter saga, Loaded, Reloaded, Little Big Adventure, Overboard, Cheesy, Firebugs, Blasto, 3D Lemmings, C-12, Floating Runner, Gex trilogy, Croc 2, Krazy Ivan, Monkey Hero, Warhawk, Rollcage 2, Robotron X, DBZ Ultimate Battle 22, DBGT Final Bout, LSD, Soul Blade, Spawn: The Eternal, Cool Boarders, Bubsy 3D, Exhumed, Jet Rider, Alien Trilogy, Tenka, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Toca (1 and 2), Vib Ribbon and Jumping Flash 2.

PS2: Fantavision, The Bouncer, Evergrace, Orphen: Scion of Sorcery, Wild Wild Racing, Smuggler's Run (1 and 2), Summoner (1 and 2), Gungriffon Blaze, Freaky Flyers, Eternal Ring, Aqua Aqua, Legend of Kay, Ridge Racer V, I Ninja, Silpheed The Lost Planet, Mr Mosquito, XIII, Operation Winback, Extermination, Oni, Onimusha trilogy, Devil May Cry trilogy, TMNT (2003), Sky Oddysey, Freak Out, Ape Escape 2, Cold Winter, The Simpsons Hit and Run, Vexx, Haven Call of the King, The Mark of Kri, Sega Ages 2500: Monaco GP, Vampire Night, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Killzone and Time Crisis 3.

PS3: Time Crisis 4, Time Crisis Razing Storm and Deadstorm Pirates.

PS4: Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack.

PSP: Daxter and Resistance Retribuition.

Xbox: Grabbed by the Ghouls and Blinx (1 & 2).

Xbox 360: Perfect Dark Zero.

PC: Claw, Jazz Jackrabbit (Trilogy) and The Settlers saga.

Philips CDI: Hotel Mario, Zelda Adventure, Zelda Wand of Gamelon ( or Link Faces of Evil), Mutant Rampage, The Apprentice, Dimo's Quest, Alien Gate and Chaos Control.

3DO: Crash N Burn, Shock Wave, The Horde, Captain Quazar, Quarantine and Way of The Warrior.

Atari 2600: Millipede, Smurf, Battlezone, Breakout, Centipede, Solaris, Sky Diver, Adventure, Canyon Bomber, Air-sea Battle, Bump N Jump, Frogger, Kung Fu Master, Crystal Castles, GI Joe, Gravitar, Sprintmaster, Saboteur, Wizard, Secret Quest, 3D Tic Tac Toe, Night Driver, Kaboom, Spiderman, Beat'em Eat'em, Kaboom, River Raid, Solar Fox, Laser Blast, Tunnel Runner, Kangaroo, Barnstorming, Ms Pacman, Off The Wall, Phoenix, Robot Tank, Warlords and Polaris.

Atari 5200: Gremlins.

Atari 7800: Desert Falcon, Food Fight and Planet Smashers.

Colecovision: Mousetrap, Lady Bug, Venture, Zaxxon, Subroc, B.C.'s Quest for Tires, Donkey Kong jr, Frenzy, Space Panic, Jumpman jr and Antarctic Adventures.

Neo Geo Pocket Color: Gals Fighters, Metal Slug 1st & 2nd Mission, Cotton, Sonic Pocket adventure, King of Fighters, Bust A Move Pocket, Evolution Eternal Dungeons, Neo Geo Cup '98, Biomotor Unitron and SNK vs Capcom.

NES: Soccer, Chubby Cherub, Wai Wai World 2 and Gumshoe.

SNES: Captain Tsubasa 3: Koutei no Chousen, Slam Dunk: SD Heat Up!!, Rocky Rodent and Shien The Blade Chaser.

N64: Goldeneye, Killer Instinct Gold, Pilotwings 64, Pok?mon Stadium (1 & 2), Pok?mon Snap, Turok saga, Mischief Makers, Multi Racing Championship, 1080? Snowboarding, Banjo & Kazooje, Banjo & Tooje, Conker, F1 Pole Position 64, Yoshi's Story, F Zero X, ISS 64, Doom 64 and Perfect Dark.

Gamecube: Luigi's Mansion, Star Fox Adventure, Star Fox Assault, Viewtiful Joe 2, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Pokemon XD and Colosseum.

Wii: Red Steel (1 and 2).

WiiU: ZombiU.

Game Boy: Zoids, Game & Watch Gallery and Zen Intergalactic Ninja.

GBC: Mickey Speedway's USA, Pok?mon Trading Card Game 2, Wario Land (2 & 3), WWF Betrayal, Papyrus, Mission Impossible, RE Gaiden, Survival Kids and Perfect Dark.

GBA: Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu, Ace Combat Advance, Pitfall Harry, Naruto Ninja Council 2, Spyro Season of Ice, Spyro Season of Flame, Spyro Adventure, Gt Advance, Konami Krazy Racers, Dark Arena, Rainbow Six Rogue Spear, Splinter Cell (1 & 2), The Scorpion King Sword of Osiris, Spiderman The Movie (1 & 2), Mysterio's Menace, TMNT 2, Shining Soul (1 & 2) and Shonen Jump's One Piece.

NDS: Pok?mon Platinum, Pok?mon Heart Gold & Soul Silver, DBZ Supersonic Warriors 2, DB Origins (1 & 2) and Asphalt Urban GT (1 & 2).

3DS: Mario Kart 7, Luigi's Mansion 2, Pok?mon X or Y, Pok?mon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, Shinobi and Bravely Default.

For multi-platform games, you can do longplays for other consoles.

Thanks a lot! :)
Gran Turismo 2 (Arcade) is on-the-go for me. Most of games you are requesting are already out. Please use the search engine on both youtube channel and this website.
Youtube is quite far away from movies already uploaded here. The best is to search here and looking for a youtube link in the movie page. Whereas you can "download" movies from here (using quicktime to look the movie without downloading the actual file). I don't know if looking the movie from here instead of downloading it will affect the download server in any way.
STreets of rage 2 alternate will be called bare Knuckle II worry not thats gonna be uploaded
Concerning the recent post, these have been done:
Super Soccer
Shaq Fu

Bravely Default is on my "want-to-do" list for 3DS games (I have it pre-ordered). Same with Project X Zone (have to beat it. At the end of the game). Note that IF I do PXZ, it will be from NG+. It is only to get through the game quickly because I KNOW people will get bored towards the end (2 hour stages).
You certainly have no shame, I'll see if I can take a look at 2-3 of these if possible.

Any special requests for the pokemon yellow one?
[color=#6699cc]Anything that isnt COD is a game that may be worth playing.[/color]
Can You do a Playthrough of Astro Pop or Clue.There are no playthroughs of either one on You Tube.
I have recorded TMNT1 for GBA 100% completed, it's already in GBA section, TMNT 2 coming soon, also I uploaded Talespin for Genesis and Toy Story for SNES, they should be on site soon
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