How to avoid getting your Longplay Refused

Last updated on 11 years ago
For any Help and advice please refer to the following information.

Double check our requirement FAQ.
Refer to our encoding FAQ for details on how to properly capture/encode longplays.
Feel free to join our IRC channel for specific help.

To avoid any potential errors that could cause your longplay to be rejected, below are some simple rules to follow that should ensure a high quality submission.

Display the Credits
Ensure that the user credits are correctly applied to the start of your video.

Correct Video Format
Your submitted video should be using the H.264 video codec with AAC sound in either the MKV or MP4 container.

Image scaling
Longplays of 'older' consoles need to have their resolution doubled with no smoothing. Use either Point or Nearest Neighbor scaling method and never Bilinear/Biqubic/lanczos or similar.

Correct Video Size
Don't encode in an unnecessary high resolution. Stick with the systems normal output resolution or double if its an older system with a lowres output.

High Quality Video
Ensure that the capture method is as perfect as possible. Avoid any software or hardware that could cause the output to blur. Exeptions may be accounted for any deinterlacing required, but make sure to query best deinterlacing methods.

Crop your Video
If the game has black borders around the image, these should be cropped unless its just a small part of the game and the rest of it uses the entire screen.

Efficient video compression
If your compression settings are to high, you could destroy image quality and cause heavy macro blocking or excessive blurring. use settings that ensure a good balance between High Image quality and reasonable file size.
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