Xenogears recording question

Last updated on 8 years ago
I just started recording Xenogears (my favorite rpg). I followed mihaibest guide to record, btw thank you mihaibest. My question is regarding the editing of the video. I was wondering if it is ok to cut out the level grinding or would that cause its submission to be rejected? I think if I took out the time I spend just running around trying to level and just put in the fights that progress through exploring and story then it could easily cut out like 15-20 hours of video. Is this ok or should I just keep it all intact?
Yes, you can edit out grinds. I edited out grinds in a few of my longplays, like Golden Sun, Lufia, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Skyward Sword to name a few.
You're welcome, starblind. But my guide was for recording pc games, and Xenogears is a PS1 game. How did you follow my guide? :)

Anyway, i would appreciate if someone can make a guide on how to properly record ps1 games, what settings in emulator, resolution etc. because i tried once but it didnt work.
Thank you Tsunao and Mihaibest. I just followed your guide and used ePSXe. It works fine with Dxtory. Im using petes opengl plugin. I can tell you the settings I used if you would like.
hmm, if you want to record ps1 games you should use the psxjin emulator with rerecording, otherwise your longplay might be rejected! i dont know much about this, as i said, i couldnt make it to work, you should go to the chat and ask there the admins how to do it, thats why i said someone should make a written tutorial so people like you and me just read there. anyways, for recording ps1 games that emulator is the best and easiest method.
Except there will be lots of flickering when playing Xenogears on psxjin. More prominent when you rotate the camera. If that wasn't present, I would've done it (or xRavenXP done it). Then there's the case of one particular boss crashing the game because of one attack: emulator and on PS2 alike (supposedly, the only way to get past the boss is to play it on an actual PS1).
I remember that during my Xenogears play there was one moment where game consistently crashed, guess it was that "boss" moment. Tinkering with options doesn't helped.

So if I remember correctly, I saved before that moment, loaded save in _older_ version of ePSXe (1.5-something I think) and it doesn't crashed in that version. Then saved after this "moment", returned to normal version of ePSXe (1.6-something) and was able to finish the game with no problems.

Maybe there was some fiddling with importing saves if they isn't compatible. Or even playing on other emulator with compatible saves. But IT IS passable with PS1 emulators in "user mode" - no patching, no programming. So you can give it a try.
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