How do you add and sumit a longplay

Last updated on 8 years ago
The reason why is i looked everywhere i couldn't find anything that could help and i have alot of full quality recording software's to record with (Other than bandicam or Camstudio)
Because im focusing on doing half life mods for longplays here for the website if someone can tell me its very much appreciated.
There are some screen recorder like Fraps or Dxtory and even ZD Screen Recorder. I can recommend to you ZD Screen Recorder because it's better than Fraps and you can record your longplays with no lagging.

My Youtube channel it's here:


P.S. Welcome to the World of Longplays!
And i would recommend you to get Dxtory since its better than Fraps and perhaps even better than ZD Screen recorder but i wouldn't know since i haven't tried it and im not intending to do so. :)
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To that topic: I'm trying to download all of these recording softwares but they won't work on my Mac, so I'll have to use my dated Win XP laptop and record all my longplays on Vizzed.
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