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General Notice (please read before posting) :

See the related thread for each game if you want more details.

=> Longplays progression is HEAVILY slowed down, Sorry about that. <=

All projects will be done when I have some time for it. Don't expect any video release 1 or 2 months after first announcement.


I thought that my thread in "Upcoming movies" needed to be split. Here you will find all my projects.

Current Projects :

-(PC) Command and Conquer (Thread coming soon).

Pending projects :

-Dune 2000 (Discovery in progress, will become active soon)
-Duke Nukem 3D : Megaton Edition : <[color=#ff0000]10%[/color] (see dedicated thread).

Future projects : (5/5)

-(GBA) Pok?mon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (TAL ?).
-(PC) Supreme Commander (Forged alliance for now).
-(PC) Age of Empires saga (II and III).
-(PS2) Eternal Ring (Awaiting HD-PVR or PVR, I saw that one at nearby computer store...).

Future projects notice : If I have 5 future projects, I will no longer take more projects. *Huhum* Well I have a "Pending projects" section now....

Canceled projects :

- None

Ask if you want more.

Todo :

- Get HD-PVR
- Begin RTS games on the lists.

Recording devices :

Note that ps1 games will be recorded with an emulator, PC games with FRAPS or Dxtory.

I'm also planning using TAS Emulator not to do a TAS but a TAL (Tool Assisted Longplay). My goal with these is not to get "cheaty" gameplay or bug exploit, just the recording ease offered by these softwares (Savestates, re-record and so on).
Current longplay : Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition (Thread).

My projects
Thanks for your idea Ghamarro :)

I will dig out Dune 2000 ASAP :)
Probably reworking my projects priority too. Duke Nukem has already been made on other platforms.
Current longplay : Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition (Thread).

My projects
I see that you have Command & Conquer(s) there on the list and was just wondering would you be willing to add Dune 2000 to that list? It's also a 2D RTS game made by Westwood Studios in the style of Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, but instead of original intellectual property, it is based on the universe from the Dune novels written by Frank Herbert. It has three separate factions that you can play as, but I don't think the campaigns themselves are nearly as long as in the earlier Command & Conquer games; the game fits entirely on a single CD. Cheers!

P.S. Dune 2000 will definitely run even on the crappiest on computers! =P
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