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So, I might try to make a new game quiz. My old one was Amiga games only and with screenshots (see here: http://tinyurl.com/kzzbmmr), but this new one will be for many different systems and with sprites only.

I'm trying to figure out the layout/design/size/etc of stuff. Right now I'm trying to decide on how to display the sprites and have settled for something like this:


Meh, the forum resized the image and that makes it blurry (so made it clickable in case you want to view the full version). Admin - remove that restriction IMO! Now I see why this image on the front page is blurry (this one: http://www.longplays.org/Status.png), it has always bothered me Pfft

Anyway, as you can see in my image, I might go with 5 (or maybe 6) sprites per row, but don't know yet how many rows. My problem is how to display these sprites and I would like your opinions.

Resizing the small ones so they fit the box just ruins the pixels as they probably wouldn't be 2x2, 3x3 etc, they could end up being something random and thus ruin the pixels and make them look bad, like this:


To most of you it probably looks OK, but not to me Smile... I HATE wrong/broken pixels! Also, I don't think it's OK to have some sprites in their original res of 1x1 and others in whatever they got after resize.

I could blur them a little thus making the distortion of the pixels more "even" so it doesn't show, but then... they would be blurred:


Soooo, what do you think would be best?

1: All sprites in "A" keep their original res of 1x1 pixels. But then some could be super small while others big enough to fill the box.
2: All small sprites in "B" are resized to better fit the box, but then they have broken pixels and are "zoomed in" while the other too-big-to-resize-sprites keep their original size.
3: C which is the same as B but blurry.
4. Or maybe A with a zoom in function when a sprite is hovered by the mouse cursor? But where would that zoomed in be displayed then? If inside the box, they would end up looking the same as B/C, or I could make them even bigger and place them in the middle of the screen or in a bigger box somewhere else.

Resizing UP too small sprites is one thing, but resizing them DOWN would just be terrible, so will have to stay away from sprites that doesn't fit the box in their original res. I could of course go with a bit bigger boxes, but then the small sprites would just look even smaller in comparison. Also, some games will of course have longer names than what would fit in the text boxes, but that will be solved by the text ending up inside the area, like the text box could be: [Hello, I like chocolate], but with a longer name adding "hot" after the "I" would look like this: [lo, I like hot chocolate], if you understand... OK.. hmm... yup. Or could work another way if you have ideas.

So, any advice/suggestions on what you think is the best way to deal with this?

Nvm the above text, this thread had another title before.
Hmm, can't go with A as some will be TOO small, can't go with B and C as they will have broken pixels, be blurry, and not nice having such difference in pixel sizes.

Hmm, but I HAVE to decide on one, leaning more towards B or C... hmmm.
I like B over C more. personally.
Already decided on B, nice to see at least one more preferred it ;)

While I can't stand broken pixels, blur is the worst (blur is C).
To avoid broken pixels do a color around the character then scale the image up then remove the color you placed. the broken pixels shouldn't be seen because it happened on the backing color to scale it up.

That's what I do when doing scale ups.
I'm doing this with clean sprites imported into Flash. I know how to scale without broken pixels outside of Flash, but not inside (Flash uses point scaler (nearest neighbor) in a weird way). I do not want to "fix" them all manually outside Flash, too much work. So, they will end up the way the end up.

I'm already past that part. Like 2 hours ago I decided on how many sprites to use. First wanted 100 as it's a nice number, but felt it's not many enough. Most game quizzes I've seen use about 40-100, so I just went with 200 and that has to be it. The more the merrier Pfft

NOW, I'm working a bit on the design before I try to code the part were the game can read what name has been guessed and calculate total right guessed games and stuff. Using at the moment 800x500, think that will be a good size, then 10 sprites showed at a time, with 20 buttons you can press, each taking you to 10 other sprites. The buttons will have XX/XX on them so you can see how many you've guessed right in each "section", like 06/10.

I'm trying to think of a theme to use for the look of the game.... looking at games trying to get inspiration... I find Puzzle Bubble 2 looking interesting.. cute graphics.. maybe I could use loads of that art for this game to make the menus and stuff.... it has loads of sprite animations. Could pick one of the players and have him/her in the corner and have her animated with different expressions (like they do in puzzle bubble) to what is happening in the quiz...

Or just make my first super cute game using anime/manga stuff, the cutest stuff I can find Grin

Edit: renamed the thread Pfft
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