YouTube and copyright issues with gameplay videos

Last updated on 7 years ago
I've had some issues on my YouTube channel because some games I record have copyrighted music in.
YouTube have this auto-detect system that immediately recognize the music tracks.

I see that World of Longplays have thousand of videos with in-game music without exactly you do it? I am scared to upload more gameplay videos because I may get some copyright strike, and its not like I put the videos just for the music.

And yeah I've been disabling the music on some gameplays but really, I was looking for a solution to upload videos without having to worry of the copyrighted music in it(which is in most of the cases absolutely not commercial music).
Don't worry about it. If you're really worried, remove the video and upload it on another site like viddler or Zippcast.
I don't really care about monetization as my channel its something I do just for fun, I am just worried that one day some company decides to be mean and shut my channel down along with the almost 500 videos in it.

I find really funny how a company could flag a gameplay video and even make entire YT channels to shut down, I mean... gameplay videos are promoting the game its not like they're scaring off customers (unless they don't like the game off course but that's not my fault O.o).
i get those all the time on my youtube channel, it isnt really strikes on my account but i just can't monetize that video that has the copyrighted music
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