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I follow the activities of cubex55/World of Longplays for some years now and think it is a very interesting project. Pure gameplay without annoying comments has been become rare on Youtube so having a good channel with that is great.

I am a german gamer, playing PC games now for around 21 years, starting with MS-DOS 6.2 and later Windows. My favorite genres are RPGs, RTS, adventures, simulators, stealth and sometimes other ones. I have a small Youtube channel where I upload some games and other stuff.

I would like to contribute some longplays in the future as I have a lot of old games here. EinoKeino told me on Youtube that there is always need for contributors to the cubex55 channel so it would be cool to add some games to it. I would like to add games like the Goblins series(CD versions) but also some older DOS games from floppies or a racing game like Carmageddon. I want to add more pure gameplay on Youtube with better playstile. I wouldn?t consider me a pro but I think I have enough experience to add games in a good playstile, not just running around without a clue and do some "funny" talk.

If you are interested, let me know.:)
Welcome UdoKrawallo.

You can contribute anything you want, as long as it respect quality criterias (I dont use DOSBox, so I dont know anything about it). Also, contribute them in English, please (I see your yt channel have german gameplays only).
Quality should be no problem as I know enough about video editing.
Most of my game copies have multi-language selection so recording them in English should be no problem.
There are however some games that weren?t translated like older advertising games. I have seen a german game that was an advertising game for a bank on cubex55, I have an old racing game here from BiFi sausage company. I think that shouldn?t be problem then.
Yes if its a german-only game, that's the way it should be.
Alex Kidd
I see....
- Alex Kidd
"Do i really have to graduate, or can i just stay here for the rest of my life ?"
I was busy last weeks, but at the beginning of next month I will record some games. I think I will start with some adventures. I don?t tell the titles now ;-) , but there are some I prepared.
Welcome to the greatest longplays site UdoKrawallo!
Greetings from Puerto Rico. You come to the right place!
If you need help of how to encode longplays etc, feel free to ask to the admins via IRC.
Puerto Rico...GAME ON, Level Up & Happy Gaming!!!Smile
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