Mega Man Legends??

Last updated on 7 years ago
Can someone in the mere future post a longplay of the Mega Man Legends Games?? I'm talking about both of them including the Tron Boone game as well?!! But not Mega Man 64! That version Sucks! Thank you!
i'd get behind this request. I'd like to see the megaman legends games myself. I'm curious about why you said the 64 version sucks though. is there a difference? i never noticed it...
Yes there is! A certain Youtuber named ClementJ62 has posted something about the difference!
I couldn't find clement's video, but i did look up the differences. it looks like most of it is stuff that had to be chopped to port the game to the n64. i think i still prefer the 64 version if for no other reason then you could use a control stick. legends had to be played with the pad... ugh.
I'm probably Misspelled it but it's ClementJ642! Just type that and you'll find him!
i found him, and his playthrough of legends, just not a video describing the differences in the games.
I've played both Megaman Legends and Megaman 64, and I can assure you just because of a few differences, it doesn't make Megaman 64 a bad game. Megaman 64 is the game I grew up with since I didn't have a PSX for a long time until near the end of it's life cycle, and I always had a lot of fun with it.

So before you go calling it bad, at least have some proof to back it up other than "It has differences".
Listen I just hear what I heard from Clement okay! I never had a N64! But I agree with Clement on why he didn't like the N64 version!
no worries man, we all have our preferences. i'd be cool seeing a longplay of either. here's hoping we get one huh?
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