Wing Commander sequels

Last updated on 9 years ago
When you can do the 4 sequels of Wing Commander?
I've tried working on them. There were a lot of recording issues with #3 and I prefer to do them in chronological order.

I'll go back to giving it another try in the future but I've been more in the mood for strategy games right now.
I've been wanting to record Wing Commander 2 since ..forever but recording issue have prevented me from committing.

I want to record with full MT-32 and digital sounds (Speech) in dosbox but this can cause problems with savestating and recording (different music noted play or not play when resuming state) although its not a big problem to simply restart mission using built in game save.

Main annoyance is the dos version on dosbox speeds up and slows down depending on whats going on on screen. I can limit the effect by caping a reasonable cycle rate but theI would have to keep adapting it while I play especialy as I get further into the game.

I can of course record the Windows SAGA version which has the game throttled and a fixed speed but would need to be frapsed which I hate recording although If I can get the game stable in win95/dosbox, I would record that way.

Wing Commander 3 and 4 I would record PlayStation version just for ease of recording/savestating but the controls in the console games just outright suck and can make it a real pain to play.
All of the WC games are for the PC or Arcade.
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