Tomb Raider Custom Levels

Last updated on 13 years ago
Hey guys, i'm quite a fan of the cubex55 channel on youtube which is ran by you guys.

but id have to say I love watching gameplays and such. Really enjoyed the metal gear solid games.

anyways i have a request if anyone is willing, kinda something new, but for starters.

i'm a huge fan of tomb raider and im sure some of yous have heard of the game, and some of you may know there are custom levels you can play from the internet. well i mean you can download them from loads of sites.

these are levels that are created by people some profressional some arnt.

i decided to make a channel solely based on tomb raider video walkthroughs, all the official games are up and some custom levels too if yous want to have a look.

unfortunatly though theres not enough people who like to do these levels well so far but it is something new and the videos are growing.

and when i remembered this channel and website i thought id give it a shot to ask any gameplayers in here if they want to do some walkthroughs to custom levels.

the best place to get the levels is from here -
but there are loads of others, but first you need to download the level editor which is simple. simply google it and youll get a link somewhere.

and then simply comes recording it while your playing it whichever way yous do that. and since its for PC then it would be PC games.

and if your really interested some of yous can join me with my channel as im recruiting alot of people for this. cause it could be big especially if i can convince people to do longplays.

but im just roaming forum to forum asking, and i would appreciate it and many other fans would as lots of peope wanna see this.

if by any chance none of yous are interested or just dont want to. could you direct me to some great gameplay forums and i'll ask there but thought id start here.

thanks guys, hope to get some replys
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